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    Thief 4

    Would it really require that much more processing power? What if you had the ability to set objects in the world as "cover"? Then, if the player is right next to the cover object, his light gem is less affected? This is instead of doing some super-complex lighting method.
  2. "Look man, let's just keep making them thinner! Thinner, man, THINNER!!! I want it to be no thicker than a piece of paper!" http://www.theregist...nbois_get_bent/
  3. The hardware detection method in Linux is actually really good. You can install a distro to an external HDD. Then if you boot it on a wide range of machines, it will just detect the hardware during the startup process, provided that it has drivers for the devices. If you install Windows to an external HDD, then try to go around booting it on different machines, it will flip out. If it even boots, it will spend a minute detecting all of the new hardware.
  4. There has been the occasional Linux bashing `round these parts. I myself have talked trash about Linux... but guess what? I installed a new video card in this machine yesterday (replaced GTX460 with GTX750TI 2 GB). So what happened? I powered it on. Up came the Linux desktop with perfect hardware acceleration, at native resolution. There were no "found new hardware" messages. I did not have to reboot to finish installing a driver. It was like nothing had even changed, except for faster performance and a slashed TDP. Then I booted into Windows. Up comes the VGA desktop, lacking hardware acceleration. Then came the "found new hardware" message. I then had to install the drivers from the CD.
  5. I understand that in games, it is bad to have overlapping geometry. Consider a wall with support beams that actually go through it, instead of stopping at the edge. Is this bad for CG in general? If I'm making an animation, is it important to not have any intersecting geometry? I've seen a lot of CG models (not for game use) made by others that have this, and nobody seems to care.
  6. I'll agree with that. I used to use Debian, but I left for Lubuntu. (I would not use straight Ubuntu because of the bloat). Anyway, while Debian isn't that hard to get going, they have dumb policies on some things. Some of the packages that I use have been removed from the newer versions of Debian, while they are still in the Ubuntu flavors. If we want to install them, we have to go through a bunch of crap that no average user is interested in. They were there, and they served their purpose, why were they removed? How much RAM do you have? Are you going to get more any time soon? Under Linux, it goes like this. You CAN use more than 4 GB of RAM with a 32-bit OS. However, each individual program that you run will be limited to about 2.6 GB of RAM or so. If a program tries to use more than 2.6 GB of RAM on a 32-bit machine, (and even if you have 10 GB free), the program will crash due to not being able to use more memory. Your other memory is still there for other programs to use, though. I used to use Blender on a 16 GB machine with a 32-bit OS. The 16 GB was usable, but if Blender tried to use more than 2.6 GB, it crashed. Are you gonna run a lot of proprietary software? Some proprietary software can have problems with 64-bit, especially old proprietary software. However, this situation is mostly resolved due to the new ability to install 32-bit libraries alongside 64-bit libraries painlessly.
  7. I use Lubuntu 14.04. It is pretty good. It runs 90% of the software I use on a regular basis, and it _never_ bugs me about the cloud. It doesn't try to get me to subscribe to things, or save my files to the cloud, or any of that which Windows is headed in the direction of. I'm not an evangilist or anything (butchered spelling). Linux still has a lot of short-comings and things that need to be improved before the masses would accept it. Then again, when malware peddlers target Mac and Windows users through the use of malicious ads on big sites like Youtube, they do not even bother with Linux because of the small user base. This is a reason to *keep* Linux's user-base small. Sure, its a greedy outlook on things, but it helps keep us secure even when our platform does have holes in it.
  8. The new Moto G has a Micro-SD slot. The original model did not, and we complained. I have no clue about removable batteries, though.
  9. Yeah as Android users, it would be cool to see Apple REALLY push the performance. If I had designed that Apple, I would have used 4 GB of RAM, a quad-core CPU, and a honking big battery to keep it going for a long time. When a manufacturer goes easy on the specs, their competitors can also skimp on hardware. Its like the AMD vs Intel thing. AMD got clobbered in the high-end CPU world, but if AMD pulls out a monster CPU tomorrow, its good for Intel users too because it keeps progress moving at a fast rate for everybody. Also, Motorola listened to us and included SD slots on their new models.
  10. Meanwile, look at *this*. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iphone_6 Look at how much they charge for this thing, and look at the specs. It costs close to a grand and has 1 GB of RAM. But hey, at least its 64-bit! Seriously, you can brag about that to clueless people as though its an exclusive feature. However, 64-bit will not get you very far at all with such little RAM. My Android device that costs a fraction of this has 1 GB of RAM. It also has a Micro-SD slot, and an HDMI port. When I bought this Android, I kinda felt like I was already getting an obsolete device, but next to the people who buy this new Apple "flagship" model, I made out like a bandit. Now, its not my business to tell people what device they get. However, Apple has tried to ban Android devices in the past, like this. http://www.geeky-gad...u-s-28-08-2014/ Just because you have an army of followers who will buy anything with a fruit logo on it, does not mean you can try to halt progress for the rest of us, Apple.
  11. This game is actually a lot of fun. There's no complex dialogue or cut-scenes. The single objective is to run around at insane speeds and eradicate EVERYTHING. Most of the level design is quite good. I would even rather play this than Doom 3. I see where Romero was coming from when he says Doom 3 just lacks compared to these games. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhKBdvyHUPY Thanks to the people who made Gzdoom for making these games have full mouse-look.
  12. Here's another new person playing TDM, with commentary. In some of the videos, she has trouble blackjacking because she doesn't aim for the head. Also, she did what another gamer did and knocked Gridley with a candle on Score to Settle. This causes him to break, unable to finish his conversation. Is there some way to fix that? E.g. if a character is talking, they are not movable? The NPC needs to not respond unless the player actually attacks them. Perhaps she can do with some gameplay tips? Is this person on the TDM forums? I am not a Youtube member any longer so I cannot post any there. Always stand up before blackjacking somebody, do not do it in a crouch, or you will usually miss the head. Watch out for rooms with extremely low ceilings when going to blackjack somebody.
  13. When I was fixing other peoples' computers, somebody brought in a laptop with a BADLY deformed AC adapter. It was charred and must have gotten extremely hot at some point. It cracked me up... "dude, were you seriously using this thing?! ...... Like hell I'm gonna plug that in!" You gotta love the users. They're just so funny. They'll try to plug something into a charger, and all they care about is "if it fits". They do not check the voltage, or polarity, or current, or anything.
  14. http://www.kcra.com/...laints/27568370
  15. I disagree. If you can exercise without going outside, you can still do whatever you like while you exercise. For example, you can listen to loud music and not have to worry about your surroundings.
  16. Yeah, looks like I have plenty of options to choose from. For starters, there's this: http://www.amazon.co...e+exercise+bike And then there's this: http://www.amazon.co...e+exercise+bike All with good prices compared to monster-sized machines. Then there's this: http://www.amazon.com/MagneTrainer-ER-Mini-Exercise-Bike-Exerciser/dp/B000V53KD8/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1408069100&sr=8-11&keywords=portable+exercise+bike Looks good because it does the arms too, and you do not have to plug it in. Having to plug an exercise bike in always seemed retarded to me, when YOU are generating power riding the thing. This runs on a single AA, which is close enough. Its not like those tiny little computers require a lot of power.
  17. Well there's love and then there's obsession. I had a girlfriend a long time ago that started calling me at least four (yes FOUR) times a day. As you can imagine, it got real old, real fast. Useful hint for anybody out there, if you are in love with somebody, do not annoy the shit out of them. I (like everybody else) went through that teenage phase where you want to spend every waking second with somebody. I grew out of it though. Its just not realistic, practical, or even bearable. This is also the reason I do not believe in a heaven or a hell. If I take an activity which I enjoy more than anything else in the world and I imagine spending eternity doing it, Said activity would eventually become hell. Even having to *exist* forever would eventually turn into hell... because forever is a *long* time. Understand? At some point, I will just cease to exist entirely... and I'm completely cool with that.
  18. I meant _every_ word I said to that scammer. If I had a neighbor who tried to rip me off every day, and one day I saw their place being robbed, I would whistle and walk away. I had a friend who passed due to cancer a long time ago (before any of this). I still feel bad because I did not go to his funeral. The guy was really nice, but smoked like nobody's business. That is really sad. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol have never appealed to me at all but I still *am* against banning them... oops, I messed up there.
  19. Like you, I'm a bit of a cold person. I have had scammers call me. I rudely told them in a loud voice "no, I'm not interested". The guy then told me to shut the fuck up. I told him "make me". He then said "I will". I then told him "I hope you get cancer". After this, the guy's demeaner changed from a hostile one to a stunned one. He was like "That's cold dude, I can't believe you would say that to somebody." Even now, I do not regret telling him that. Its like you say, we get tired of people's bullshit; trying to take advantage of us at every opertunity. It makes me smile to imagine that (if that guy does end up getting cancer some day), he will recall the cold person who wished it upon him in the past.
  20. Hey guys, I'm interested in being able to exercise inside where my computer is, because I spend too much time with my fat ass in the chair. Can you recommend any compact gear that exercises both the arms and legs? Not being a fitness guy, I have *zero* experience buying this kind of hardware. I like exercise bikes, but they are on the large side. Do foldable models exist? For the arms, I can always just use dumbells I guess.
  21. I saw the HD texture mod for the original Thief. Holy crap, some of the textures look great! I'm particularly talking about the stained glass textures.
  22. Perhaps, but what if nearly everybody whome you would have called a friend in life just ignores you? What if you tried to talk to them and after months went by, almost all of them still did not respond? All of the material crap in the world will not make you happy if you feel as though everybody ignores you on purpose. I've got *two* friends who actually acknowledge my existance. If I try to talk to them, they respond. Perhaps not right away, but they do respond. I personally believe people have a right to do what Williams did, for various reasons. Consider a drunk driver who does double the speed limit. He crashes, killing several people. Our drunk driver somehow survives though. Now mr. drunk gets to spend the rest of his life in a cage. I'm not arguing with that, I just believe Mr drunk needs to have the option of suicide. In some ways, its better for him, and better for society as well if he chooses suicide. He doesn't have to sit in a cage for the rest of his life and society doesn't have to build a cage suitable for yet another condemned person. My personal belief is that it isn't about humanity. We want to keep that drunk alive and in the cage so that we can point at him, mock him, and enjoy his displeasure. Also consider a person with a terminal illness. Why would they want to spend ages suffering in a bed with no cure as their condition slowly gets worse? There is no "race to find a cure" for a lot of medical conditions, because there are "more important" things to focus on, whether they be the pointless war on drugs or increasing the survailance state. Medical costs are sky high. In this instance, its like society is forcing him to stay alive just so they can leach off him. It would be interesting to read about what was going through Mr. Williams' head and what finally made him do it. There's always a reason.
  23. Yep, any old stereo headset can give you surround sound. It has to do with the way the audio data is encoded into the stereo channels, which fools you into believing something is behind you. I can for instance load up a game, close my eyes, spin around lots with the mouse, and still tell where a sound is, even when its behind me (using a headset). I've never tried it with things that are above/below me though.
  24. Hasn't everybody contemplated suicide at some point in their life? It takes guts to actually go through with it though. I wonder what his reasons were; why he was depressed. Did he leave a note?
  25. I wonder what MS is gonna do about all these Chromebooks? They were able to stop the flood of netbooks before, but not this time! I love that these things are gaining in popularity and making Windows less and less valuable. Also, NVIDIA please do an X86 based Chromebook with your chips in it.
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