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  1. Hello, Sorry, when I ask again: do you plan to update the version number in the The Dark Mod Updater? Best regards OLLI
  2. Hello duzenko, do you plan to update the version number in the The Dark Mod Updater? So we can add the updater also to our database. Would really love this! Best regards and thank you again for adjusting the version number in the game. Best regards OLLI
  3. Hello, I also wanted to add The Dark Mod Updater to our database. Reason: users see that for the Updater there is a new version available. In the application window I see the version number 0.72. When I read the version number from the EXE then I get: File name and path: E:\The Dark Mod\tdm_update.exe Product Name: TDM Update Internal Name: tdm_update.exe Original Filename: tdm_update.exe File Description: The Dark Mod Updater/Downloader Company: The Dark Mod Team Legal Copyright: (c) 2010 The Dark Mod Team. All rights reserved.
  4. Hello, today I installed the update for The Dark Mod and the version number is now shown properly: Here the information we get for the 32-Bit version: File name and path: E:\The Dark Mod\TheDarkMod.exe Product Name: The Dark Mod Internal Name: The Dark Mod Original Filename: TheDarkMod.exe File Description: The Dark Mod Company: Broken Glass Studios Legal Copyright: Copyright (C) 2004 id Software, Copyright (C) 2004-2012 Broken Glass Studios Legal Trademarks: Comments: File Version String: DM_VERSION_COMPLE
  5. Hello STiFU, It is enough if any of the fields is filled (File Version or Product Version). If we know what field is relevant then we use just this field. Perfect, thank you very very much! Best regards OLLI
  6. Hello, The intention of VulnDetect is that users see if one of their app has known vulnerabilities and if there are new versions without these vulnerabilities available. I added The Dark Mod to the database because users normally start the game with TheDarkModx64.exe and not with the updater. So when VulnDetect tells the users that there is a new version of The Dark Mod available, then they will update the game. So having the correct version info in the exe files will help us (and all other update managers) a lot! VulnDetect reads the following version info from TheDarkModx64.exe: File V
  7. If VulnDetect (and also other update managers) display 1.0.9 but on your website and in the game itself you show 2.06 then this could confuse the user. Or they might think that the update manager is doing something wrong (because we show the wrong version number). In my eyes it is very useful to see that there is an update of The Dark Mod available, so I can patch it when I have time and not when I want to play. Otherwise I start the game and have to wait for all updates to be finished. VulnDetect should help users keeping their system up-to-date. So we try to have many apps in our databas
  8. Would be helpful if you store the version number in the EXE file. Almost all other apps store the version info properly in the EXE. So I can count in that you add this in the next version of The Dark Mod? This is in the souece? I don't have the source and normal users that install the game also don't have it. Thank you for helping. Best regards OLLI
  9. Hello, I play The Dark Mod and I really love it (also loved the original Thief series). Great work! I help building up a security-tool that checks your system for installed applications and that reports wich of your applications have known vulnerabilities. The tool also tells you when there are new versions of your installed applications available. So it is more than a simple update-manager. The tool is called VulnDetect and it is an replacement for Secunia PSI. And I help keeping the database up-to-date and by adding new apps to the database. I am also the community moderator in the Vul
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