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  1. Hi Everyone!, I'm no modder but I had this idea when I thought about the story line progression of the thief world. We all know the inventors guild creates code locked devices. It therefore makes sense that a rouge section of the inventors guild or an interrogated inventor or stolen coding systems is how a CRACKER and CRACKING would take place. This could introduce a new kind of thief character the CRACKER CRACKERS cause problems for inventors, builders, banks, organisations and threaten to force out the traditional thief by forcing an upskilling of the entire thief world. Consider t
  2. Hi All, I am from England and an English teacher by profession. If you want this kind of voice to fit in with your character profile just ask and send me a script. I would be more than happy to record for you and contribute to the development of this Mod! Voices add to the mood, character depth and drive of the thief so I suggest we gain more voices. It also allows for modders to have a wider resource to use
  3. Since the launch of The Accountant 2 I have noticed an excellent increase in the depth, puzzle complexity and advancement of the characters and missions. Personally I love story missions because they add serious depth. Since I first found the Dark Mod I've become a hardcore fan. I love the way the Mod and the missions are evolving and it compares easily to the best commercial suites out there!
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