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  1. @MirceaKitsune I found the entity definition for this lute: It seems you only have to attach it and the rest is done for you, so you don't have to specify a joint. As for the sound I guess you have to use a speaker. Here is a thread about the lute:
  2. Aha : ) When I make a spere patch and then apply a texture it seems ok.
  3. @MirceaKitsune Why don't you have a flat patch then?
  4. @MirceaKitsune I don't understand what you mean. You have a patch that is half a sphere and want to have that rug fitting the patch, or do you want a straigt flat rug/carpet?
  5. @Destined I tried again with the grammo, but nothing happens, even with a trigger in between. I guess a model on it's own doesn't have anything in it to define what happens when frobbed, so a frob_action_script should be added. I also tried frob_action_script:frob_door , that is already in the game itself, so doesn't have to be scripted separately, but that doesn't work. But I found a post regarding this: That way it works without having to write your own script : ) Thanks .. I have put the simple/obvious method in to the post/tutorial.
  6. @Destined I figured it out and changed it in the post.
  7. @Destined Thanx for the wiki link, I got it figured out. There is a checkbox "Player responsible", and when that is checked for the "do NOT kill"Component, the mission only fails when the player kills an AI, not when AI is killed by a script. @grayman I got it working. @MirceaKitsune I made a little map with the things you want to happen, and added a little something to the script to have the AI not drop dead all at once, but with a little time in between. Be shure to also read the wiki page about Objectives that Destined linked to to understand what is going on in the
  8. It should happen when an objective is completed.
  9. @MirceaKitsune Oh sorry for that, may bad. I didn't think of that. Glad you got your first script to work.
  10. Never worked with objectives, so I don't even know where to find (fill in) that : D The script I understand.
  11. @MirceaKitsune With a button you can also trigger scripts to run. $NPC_Name.kill(); should go in a script. In fact it's very simple, and can get very complicated. When you make a switch, instead of targeting a light ( ctrl+k), you can trigger a "atdm:target_callscriptfunction" (rightclick (with nothing selected) and choose Create entity -> Targets -> atdm:target_callscriptfunction. You'll get a yellow cube. Select the switch, then the yellow cube and press ctrl+k. Then select only the yellow cube. In the entity inspector you add a new "spawnarg" by typing in the first
  12. @grayman That would be it : D But how to have a finished objective trigger that? (I never did anything with objectives)
  13. I'm trying to get stopAnim( float channel, float frames ) to work, but I don't even have a clue about what the channel should be : D And when putting -1 as frames, is it never going to stop (endles number of frames)? The ragdoll is working, but they keep flopping around a bit : P Other thing is, my approach would be scripting the event with becomeRagdoll and having the AI lay still. Simultaniously a death screem is triggered from speakers bound to the targeted guards. But I haven't got experience with AI in a map yet. How would you approach this?
  14. @MirceaKitsune I found this script event: BecomeRagdoll https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/BecomeRagdoll_(script_event) If you are familliar with writing scripts you can try if that does what you want, otherwise I can try making a simple script for it.
  15. The camera approach to the "portal" doesn't seem to work in any way I can imagine. Even tried adding a mirror to point the camera at. Now I had an other idea: having a brush with portal_sky texture, you can see through a wall with that, to move over a wall relative to the players position but the problem is .. you can only see through the wall when it's still worldspawn, so it can't be moved by script .. Does anyone know of an other glich that works when it's a func_mover ... or any other glich that might worth looking into?
  16. @MirceaKitsune There is a button in the top of the screen called "Select Group Parts" (looks like a rubix cube a bit). When you activate it you can select individual brushes .. it seems. Other entities like triggers and models can't be selected that way ... it seems. (I just tried this for the first time).
  17. I'm trying to recreate some sort of portal like in @Dragofer's post above and have a camera a target_null and a screen. I have the target_null moving relative (in an other room) to the players EyePos(ition) .. but it doesn't change the view. (have a visable cube bound to it to check if it it's indeed moving, and it is). When I place the target_null in a different place in DR, the view angle of the camera is different, so it seems to me it only checks whet the target_null is at gamestart, but doesn't update after that. Is there a spawnarg that should be applied to have it update all the ti
  18. @Dragofer I'm gonna try if this works : )
  19. @Dragofer If a camera was in an other room, and it stays in relatively the same position as the players head (getOrigin() and add distance in one direction to be in the other room). And you can make it "look" the same direction as the player (getViewAngles( )), you could have that video feed showing on a screen in the room where the player is, so he can see it.
  20. I was working on a random self moving thing that can detect boundries and turn away from them. The boundries work with a stim/response where the stim is the boundry and the respons is on a "sensor" in front of the moving func_mover, that is controlled by the script. The sensor has the response to run a function called Warning (when toutching the stim). In my small scale test I got it working flawlessly, but when I scaled it up and put boundries tot the walls of a big room things went totally wrong: big drop in framerate and it didn't work flawless at all ... bummer : D Here is a vide
  21. @Dragofer That is almost exacly what I tried, but it didn't work ... because of the setSkin I used. But now it works thanx : )
  22. I want to spawn a func_static and a func_mover from script ... is that possible?
  23. Is there something simple I can put in my script, or in my map that is realy eats resourses, so I can test what happens?
  24. @Dragofer If I getFrameTime() it returns 0.0160 so I guess that is the minimum time the engine can repeat/check things. But if I have a wait of 0.001 in a while() loop, it calculates every frame what would have happened in 16 times this while() loop .. right? I have a working script now and am determaning the right settings for maximum speed. Only problem is I can't get higher then a movement of 12 units in one loop, for it results in the enty escaping through the boundries: So I guess getting a higher speed means I have to find out how to get a greater distance in one
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