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  1. @MirceaKitsune I guess you might try to mute the audio rather then stop it, so it will keep looping, just as the video does. You can do this by stetting the spawnarg s_volume to -60 to mute, and 0 to unmute. I hope this can be done with a target_setkeyval.
  2. @MirceaKitsune I didn't find a way to stop the video once it's started ...
  3. @MirceaKitsune I have a whole thread on that, and I think the followong post is the most appropriate: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20328-playing-in-game-videos/&do=findComment&comment=445630 There is no sound with the video though ... You could also download the mtr here: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17375
  4. @Geep You can set that as a (hidden) objective. You can choose Readable is opened, Readable is closed Or certain page of a readable is reached.
  5. @MirceaKitsune I had sort of the same question about changing the size of AI models. This was the answer:
  6. @Obsttorte But brushes can't be bend like patches .. right? Althoug it looks nice, it was intended to be squared bars .. and it only does when exporting it as an .iwo : Ok, found it; I can make a Simple Patch Mesh and make it the form I want, then thicken patch : )
  7. Ok, clear. But .. I wanted in the first place to have the square cylinders to look also square in game. How should I properly make a square "cylinder" patch, so I can bend it, that looks the same as a square brush? Something is different with how the texture looks ...
  8. When I make a square cylinder patch it looks square from the top but round from the side ingame. When I export it as an .ase it also looks like that, when I export it as .iwo it looks square, and the filesize is 10 times smaller. What is causing this? Other question; I made a model where I put more pieces of these cylinders together because of complex curving, so the there are a lot of duplicate points (I guess). Does this make the model more complex for rendering, or doesn't it matter?
  9. @MirceaKitsune Just have 2 computers : P Or maybe a virtual machine? Don't know how that works ...
  10. I liked it! The build itself isn't that great, but the story however is really good.
  11. 1. Lightswitches and elevator buttons. A push button has spawnarg: trigger_when_opened : 1 and the flip swiches have: trigger_when_opened : 1 and trigger_on_close : 1 For the push button you could set trigger_on_close to 0 so the swich seems to work normally, but it won't trigger. At the moment the power is restored you can trigger a target_setkeyval to set that value back to 1, so the buttons wil trigger from that moment. The target_set keval has to be triggered by something and should be targeting all buttons. The spawnarg to add in the target_setkeval should be: keyval : trigger_when_opened;1 If you want to use the 2 state flip swiches there is the problem that, if the player flipped one already it will work in reverse when the power is restored/the swiches start triggering. What you could do is set it up as with the pushbutton but hide this button (texture nodraw), have the swich trigger the button, and set the swich spawnarg auto_close_time to 0. This way the swich wil get back to it's initial position when swiched and the player will also think something is wrong You now need an other target_setkeyval to set auto_close_time to -1 (don't auto close) when the power is restored.
  12. @MirceaKitsune I think I saw a tutorial video where the ambient light was somehow not working as it should en I think the solution was to delete it and make it again.
  13. @Geep Ok, I don't know what this trigger thing is you want, but I have a solution for s flawless swap : ) You should have one of them outside of the players view in a small space and call the following script with a callscriptfunction: void change() { vector org1 =$guy1.getWorldOrigin(); org1_z = org1_z + 4; //Dunno if it's needed but it might prevent getting stuck in the floor) vector org2 =$guy2.getWorldOrigin(); org2_z = org2_z + 4; //Dunno if it's needed but it might prevent getting stuck in the floor) $guy1.setWorldOrigin(org2); $guy2.setWorldOrigin(org1); }
  14. @Geep I was trying this remove spawn, but at spawn, from a callscriptfunction, the game freezes for a few seconds ... void change() { entity guy1 = sys.spawn("atdm:ai_builder_guard"); guy1.setWorldOrigin('-148 294 0.0218201'); }
  15. @Destined Aha .. in the s/r editor it says to set the name of the model, not the path, but that way it works indeed. Although if the new model should be an entity like loot, and not a static model the remove/spawn trick would do the trick : ) About the stim I didn't know but that's good to know also.
  16. @Geep One way to find out : P You could also getName via a script after the spawn and setKey name that_name, or trigger from script so you are sure you can use the reference name (you setName after the remove/spawn) ... I guess.
  17. @Geep Maybe just remove the one and spawn the other in the same place?
  18. @MirceaKitsune I tried the set model s/r and I kept getting black boxes so I tried "remove" and "spawn entity" and that works. Select the entity tht must change upon a trigger from the objective and give it trigger as stim and trigger as response, then add effect remove, and select the object that you are setting the s/r on, and then add an other effect spawn entity. There you set the entity that it must become, and fill in the origin. For the origin just place th entity in the right place and copy the coördinates.
  19. So far the fire fly is working fine, but I'd like to have it do some thing's that it doesn't do now: It should flee .. health = 5 health_critical = 30 .. but it doesn't flee. [Also I would like it to travel up and down more.=solved] And it would be nice if it could start sitting or sleeping and only start moving when it's alerted.
  20. I'm messing around with the AI elemental to use as a base for making a AI firefly and it's getting along quite good, only I want to change the model, that is already a sphere, to a tiny sphere ... but how? Is there a simple solution for that?
  21. Here is a testmap with a lot of stuff already targeted WS25.map
  22. I made the trigger_poltergeist : O It was an idea and a little script from @MirceaKitsune and I turned into a trigger. Only thing is the stim response workaround and I would like to give the script an other name then tdm_reuseable_script .. but I had no success with that at the start, and didn't try anymore. Can some of you maybe test it and/or optimise the script, if needed? Here is the .def .script and a custom .prt tdm_fire_torch_small_blue.prtcustom_trigger.deftdm_reusable_script.scripttdm_custom_scripts.script .script(s) go into your script folder, .def goes in your def folder and .prt goes in your particles folder. If you don't have these folders, create them : )
  23. Ok, I got it now. The "name" I give it in my script is only a reference so I don't have to worry about spawned objects getting the same name. entity light = sys.spawn("light"); light.setColor(color_x, color_y, color_z); light.setOrigin(obj.getOrigin()); light.setRadius(80); light.bind(obj); string myStr = light.getName(); sys.println(myStr); I get a something like idLight_light_54 .. so that's already taken care of by the main script : )
  24. @Obsttorte I get an error: Multiple entities named 'trigger_poltergeist_1' .. so that doesn't work. The spawned entity get's the same name as the trigger itself : P
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