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    controversy, women who aren't nuts, RC planes and helis, guns, useful gadgets, motorcycles/bikes.
    video games: niche FPS's/mods (PR, FH2, RS2), flying, racing, space sandbox/survival, melee
  1. Of course I'm not talking about the flames, but the electric/gas lights or whatever they are that always remain lit. It can have balance like attract a guard from the break sound or require a special tool. I just find the fact that they're impermeable yet the fire lighting is so easy to take out a bit of an odd thing.
  2. It would be interesting if the people you knock out wake up after a certain period of time instead of indefinite sleeping no matter how long you run the mission.
  3. well gas arrows are expensive and rare like has been said, but they don't need much for aiming. the steel ball or beanbag arrow could be cheap and reusable but are a gamble, since they could be hard to aim to hit the right spot (or heavy and cause waivering) and cause big suspicion if one doesn't aim it right. I just figured it would be an easy arrow to make/buy but hard to master.
  4. This is closer to what I was thinking. Something fairly simple, not some real time profile raytracing HD clusterf** of programming. Just something to make the areas where you would be obviously visible against a lit background a little less easy to just waltz through....but what do i know...it's been discussed to death and must be put to rest.
  5. I didn't know it was discussed since I don't see a search function available. "Punishing the player" would only happen if it's implemented across the entire game instead of an option to toggle. "frustrating trial and error gameplay." is already in the game depending on the difficulty and if the player hates the difficulty. I was thinking just areas in which you would cast a shadow, where the shadow would cross the path of the AI detect field, you're detected. Just as simple as being detected under direct light, you're detectable by light that is behind you. I don't see why it would be ext
  6. I was thinking one major flaw of thief is that you can be in a dark area, but even if there's a lighted area behind you, the enemies can't see you. I always thought this was a bit cheesy. maybe a bit hard to deal with in a game, maybe hard to program, but i think it would really add to the realism if the enemy can see your profile even if your light gem is completely dark, because of the background behind you would highlight your shape and movement.
  7. Sorry if this has been suggested a bunch...can't find the search function anyway, i was thinking there should be an arrow with a steel ball on the end...same purpose as blackjack but from afar of course, some may find this to make things a bit too easy, but also an arrow with a steel ball for knockout purpose seems like a pretty obvious thing to come up with vs an arrow that can magically grow moss, as well as some maps could be made extra hard for such a device to become necessary or something? or maybe the arrow would have to be specifically aimed for right at the back of the head/top of
  8. Well I can't wait, I really enjoyed Amnesia Dark Descent and SOMA
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