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  1. I wish the last time I interacted with him wasn't just to complain about some irrelevant point on emergent gameplay, that was maybe an annoyance he could have done without. My condolences to his family, and my respects to all the great things he created.
  2. My framerate jumped from about a steady average of 30 throughout the map to 50-60. Great patch. The mission itself is excellent too, by the way.
  3. I think the particle-based fog from the skybox (?) is being rendered accidentally everywhere and possibly duplicated. This is what I see in the opening exterior, looking up at the sky with r_showTris 1 and 2 respectively. And just down the shaft with the broken ladder, if I crawl into the corner of the little maintenance tunnel/platform and stare at a corner where there should be relatively little going on, this is the result I get with showTris. Notice that the particles are being occluded but still rendered. One last example: shortly after passing the first set of cameras, the entrance hallway with the bulletin board on the left and water tank on the right. In this case, there seems to be a lot of overdraw for level geometry, as well as the flurry of particles.
  4. I also find "mansion_tense02" and '02a" to be annoying ambient tracks, because of their high dynamic range from quiet to loud. Not only can it obscure necessary sounds like guards' movements and the player's own foot steps on surfaces, but it also interrupts my train of thought if I'm talking out loud
  5. Does anything happen after finding or is there any way to interact with
  6. Most people have said she looks like Heather from Silent Hill 3.
  7. Ah, this might be the problem actually. I followed the link on the official release announcement to download the new 'tdm_installer' linked here under Windows (32-bit) - https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20460-new-tdm_installer-and-dev-builds/ ...But when I extracted it to my folder, the file had a "date modified" of 01/01/2000 (a little strange considering its "date created" is in 2021), so it got lost in the directory and looked like an old file. I absentmindedly used the older "tdm_update.exe" from 17/06/2020 which looked comparatively newer. That might be what caused the conflict in the first place.
  8. I had what sounds like the same black screen menu with working sound and an apparently functional cursor hidden from view that Jedi_Wannabe had after I updated my old 2.08 installation to 2.09. I tried deleting the config and other obvious things and it didn't work, so I put the updater in an empty folder and downloaded a fresh install of Dark Mod 2.09 to see if it would work on its own, and it did, so it's not driver-related on my end.... but now I need to download all the FMs again and rebind my controls. Rather than be foresighted and keep the old install intact for further testing, I unfortunately deleted everything but the screenshot folder and ported it over. Now I feel silly for being unable to help. If you can't find out what's causing the conflict, consider this brute force solution (deleting everything and downloading a fresh install) as a last resort.
  9. It's almost merciful though, because they would've had him reading an awful script.
  10. And maybe if you shine it in an opponent's eyes, they can be disorientated briefly like a weak flashbomb. Or not, but modelling a "bullseye" style lantern would put a nice Victorian twist on the typical flashlight functionality.
  11. The first time I played this mission... So I fell in love with the mission's aesthetic, layout and concept... then my love soured pretty badly. But having replayed the mission and knowing the "rules" so to speak going into it, I have to say it's one of the better entries in TDM and it would definitely make any short-list of recommendations if I wrote one. I don't want to spoil anything for new players except to say that it might be in your best interest to go easy on the knock-outs.
  12. I don't know if it's been suggested already, but I thought it could be helpful to have the player's weapons and ammo (arrow types) appear on the inventory screen, maybe along the bottom opposite the loot at the top, or on the left-hand side opposite the scroll buttons (when the inventory is full of enough stuff). It would spare the player hitting all the number keys to check what they have and what the don't if it were just summarized visually on the inventory screen,. Maybe clicking on the ammo types with the cursor could also switch to that weapon/ammo-type like hitting the corresponding number key. Here's a a crude mock-up of what I mean. The exact layout of the text and icons isn't important, so long as it consolidates the information on one screen.
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