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  1. In the flooded waterworks, I found some bugs with the reflections. I apologize if these have been reported already. When standing in certain areas, some of the prefab objects, lights, particles etc. stop rendering in the reflection. The three areas I found were in the corner by the C1 and C2 switches, an area that extends a little into the middle of the room; by the three bulkhead doors around the machinery; and directly underneath the control room. Typically the archways and moss stencils continue to render, but the brick walls do not and neither do the coloured lights. Under the control room is especially funny looking because you can see the walls, doorways and windows of the room above, but not the floor, ceiling or assets within it. When I first played this FM last night, I could see a bright blue skybox in the reflections (which is how I noticed the bug) but now when I go back to take screenshots, all I get is black. Go figure. The rest of the mission looked great, ran well, and had just the right balance of difficulty I like (although I have no idea how you can snatch the coins off the table of the two playing cards without them noticing). A solid FM.
  2. The dream team. I really enjoyed the special effects at the end and their implications about what sort of person Bolero is. His little adventure in Volta 2 might not have been so unusual.
  3. The haunted house was interesting, but the lonely shopkeeper was creepier.
  4. Oh, that's embarrassing. Apparently I can't read. ?
  5. Applefinger's note names 3 locations for gems and I found them all, or I think I have, but the objective didn't trigger.
  6. This is a really beautiful and well-rounded mission with plenty of options for entry to the main objective and organic hidden objectives to discover. Not to mention the extra challenges, which I'm going to attempt now that I've run through the mission normally. This is an instant classic, I think.
  7. Bluehawk

    Metro games

    The original 2033 had a 4-stage light sensor on your watch where red was completely visible, yellow was moderate, green was well hidden and black (no light) was completely hidden, but I found the AI to be very temperamental and they would spot you in a second from across a large room even at green. You were better off breaking line of sight whenever possible and ignoring the light system unless you absolutely had to cross open ground. I'm not surprised they streamlined it into a binary system for the sequels, because it felt binary in practice.
  8. I finally found the 6th secret I was missing. I thought at first it must be related to a certain "mist"-ical item that can be found down by the docks and spent a good hour trying to frob things with it, but it turns out it was just..
  9. I've found all the loot, but only 5 out of 6 secrets. Is that working as intended? I only ran into one little bug. When I stand near to the statue in the intersection between the church and the tavern, the skybox flickers. If I move out of the intersection in any direction, it appears fine. Could it be z-fighting between two intersecting 'ceilings'?
  10. It seems to be working correctly. Active portals are green, adjacent inactives are red, and all others are are not drawn until you move close enough. No flickering or other visual aberrations on my end. Here are two screenshots from the beginning alleyway in "A New Job", the new-ish official mission bundled with TDM. I hope that's helpful. Cheers on the patch, guys.
  11. I did a fresh install in a new folder and tested both the 32 and 64 bit executables. Both work perfectly, in both stencil and map shadow modes.
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