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  1. I've got a dude sitting at a table in front of a plate of food. How do I make him take a bite and eat? I see nothing regarding eating on either of these wiki pages: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Path_Nodes https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Animations,_Postures,_Controlling_AI_(for_Mappers) https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Animation_List#Sitting_Animations Edit: I didn't want to double post but also wasn't sure if my other post really pertained to the new release of DR as it may be a folder structure issue I am having. I am having issu
  2. I am having issues creating readables. When I use a prefab and the readable editor it complains about XData info being contained in a PK4 that cant be found and asks to rename it. In game the GUI does not display and is blank then freezes my inventory when frobbed. Here is the order of events: I had a bunch of good working readables, made with DR 2.6 months ago, upgraded to 2.8 last week and couldn't get new readables working. Downgraded back to 2.6 and got ONE MORE made and working but all others I try to create are janked. Same behavior when I tried using 2.8 again, and between TDM 2.0
  3. I always just thought of it like golf, the lower the better.
  4. Oh my now that’s a relic I’d love to get my grubby mits on.
  5. Hey man I checked ur website, very professional. Nice to know there’s more NC taffers out there.
  6. You bound the pole to his hands yes? What happens when you bind him to the boat? Undesirable/useless effect?
  7. Jedi_Wannabe

    To all

    I love that. I've been hoping to do some cool T1 inspired industrial mixes, like the perfect mix of rock and trance. Something similar to TDP intro and the Assassins level. I've got some live drums from a couple buddies I used to jam with and lots of fun techniques I can't wait to experiment with for texture and mood. It's just hard to get all my guitar equipment and cables out with the kids. I've got less time to do TDM stuff than I'd hoped but I'm not sweating it. This is much needed family time that's been put off due to the daily grind of just working.
  8. Jedi_Wannabe

    To all

    My growing tribe (+1 in May) is happy and healthy. We are taking the extra time away from school and work to catch up on bonding with plenty of board games and outdoor activities in the yard like the slip n slide and archery practice. Hope everyone is doing well. This quarantine should give us a spike in FM releases in 2020, if nothing else.
  9. So is it mostly an outdoor city mission? The logo and name imply some verticality to it. Jumping climbing puzzles?
  10. The Bakery Job is also short and sweet.
  11. Jack Farmer’s series has a recurring side character who’s in a relationship with a Pagan lady. Lots of good lore surrounding them. My series will eventually have pagan undertones that envelope the story by the climax. Mission 1 will have a decent little forest section (if I can ever finish it, lol) While the Builders always fascinated me in old Thief, the Pagans intrigued me the most and think it’s an area that still has lots of exploration left.
  12. You’re the man! That last thing I want is unforeseen cascading effect of problems, so to stop that from happening I’m gonna wait for the A-OK to resume work on my map. I don’t find much time on weekends anymore to map so I’m in no rush. I’d hoped this quarantine would give me more time to map but not so much with two kids home from school!
  13. No error message or dialogue box. Just right clicked it from Task Manager which explains why it was a dump of a running TDM. I'm still hit or miss packaging these into a working .pk4 so please find my entire FM folder, with qconsole.log, mylog.txt and all the maps. The last working version was mill7 so i guess start there and go to 8 and 9. Sorry if it is messy. Thanks a ton for looking into this. Builder Bless Ye. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wBeHFG_Bo5TZrQWJjwMEVPvPYIdXR6sn
  14. Well thats the thing I never got a dialogue window saying it crashed. I just ASSUMED it crashed when the dmap did not complete and the the program force closed on it own. Mill 7 was the last version before this started happening and a ‘map mill8’ has some stuff about the aas being out of date. So I guess I’m just assuming now it’s really a non issue ? You know what they say about people who assume things... haha Idk I just want to rule out bugs if that’s the issue. For mapping purposes I’ll stick to 2.07 til 2.08’s beta is over .
  15. Had a crash during dmap while working on my map So I made a post in the Newbie Thread, and as this crash during dmap happens with 2.08 (everything is working fine in 2.07) I thought I'd put the condump here too. What else can I provide? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AZ01aeKiFwZjAzrlcTIyOZCeYFeFumnE
  16. Latest drivers installed of course. I got it dmapping fine in 2.07 again. I was running 2.08(v1 or 2) in 64x mode but had an issue updating it again to the latest version. I’ll work on that crashdump in the meantime... Edit: Updated to latest beta and still same results. Not sure if it will be usable, I never got a dialogue box that the Wiki states not to close, but I followed the rest of the steps. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AZ01aeKiFwZjAzrlcTIyOZCeYFeFumnE <-condump
  17. Very professional. Reminds me of T1&2. Love it ! The characters added in with the filter made me think it was straight out of a magazine, really top notch. What I love about seeing other people’s work is how it inspires me to better myself. I need to take some tutorials on gimp so I can have a sexy looking screen like that as my loading gui.
  18. Sup Taffers. Need some help. Getting a crash during dmap, last few lines of log say ‘Couldn't exec autocommands.cfg - file does not exist.’ attaching the log. Pretty sure all I did between dmaps was adjust a couple VPs. Might just go back a version and do em one at a time, but I’d like some education deciphering the log. What am I looking at? mylog.txt Edit: There was also a few warnings about briefing, but a workaround to skip the files ended with same results. Same with reverting to earlier safe build. And then I remembered I am running 2.08 beta (but not the
  19. Dude yes. The little thief scaling the V is dope.
  20. How many more surprises are you gonna whip out? Any ETA on when the full kitchen assets pack will be done?
  21. I love the classy manufacturer’s stamp on the front of it
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