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  1. @thebigh @grodenglaive @kin Thank you all for your nice words. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I will hopefully be able to follow it up some time this year. No promises though
  2. Unfortunately not at the moment. I might look into this for a future version of the mission.
  3. Thank you very much for making the video. Impressive that you took the time to make subtitles also
  4. @mango777 Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully more will follow in the not-too-distant future
  5. Thanks, but the room is already mentioned in the mission objective and the readable found in Braxton's office in version 1.0, so I think something else is needed as well.
  6. @NeonsStyle I think I will alter the objective description (or the note so that it specifically mentions a switch) in version 1.1. Hopefully this will make it somewhat easier. I will also see what else I can come up with to make it more obvious.
  7. @NeonsStyle Thanks very much for your nice words and I'm really happy you like it. More will definitely follow. Regarding I think the census is:
  8. @Bluehawk Thanks for pointing it out, I will make sure to correct this in version 1.1.
  9. @NeonsStyle I'm glad you like the mission in general, and yes rooms are generally a bit larger than average, so lighting is not the most performance friendly - although I have tried to optimize it as much as I could. Regarding the vault:
  10. This will be explored further in the next mission in the series I believe you helped me find some crates that imploded when grabbing a bow leaning up against then. It's possible I've gotten your name mixed up though, so do let me know if this was not reported by you.
  11. @pwl, @joebarnin Thank you both. I'm really happy that several people like my mission
  12. Yes and no. The two primary areas where this is true is Gatwick square and the garden. I have done as much as I could to limit performance-loss in both cases, like ensuring no overlapping lights and applying the 'noclipmodel' spawnarg to most if not all objects not reachable by the player. But yes, generally speaking those two "rooms" are larger than what is generally advised in the wiki and elsewhere, so some players may experience sub-optimal performance around there in particular. This is something I will try to be more mindful of going forward and also something I could return to and improve in this mission in a future update if several players reports that those places in particular perform a lot worse than other missions generally. Do let me know
  13. It was indeed intentional that Braxton and Zelmer's keys both open many of the same doors with some few exceptions. I could perhaps lessen the crossover somewhat in a future update. This is a good idea, but it depends a bit on what I end up settling on in terms of story for the second mission. In any case, I think it is unavoidable that I will have to return to this mission and do minor tweaks before episode 2 is ready for release. Not explicitly so. It is hinted at, but I am pretty sure that it will become a bit clearer after playing through the mission briefing of the next mission.
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