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  1. I think the door was to the right coming out of the elevator - it definitely seemed narrower than the others. I thought there might be more light on the highest difficulty, nice to have these sorts of changes between the difficulties as well. I ended up playing on medium since I wasn't particularly enjoying the ghosting requirement. Thanks again for making the map!
  2. Well this was quite a mission! I didn't expect something so expansive when I downloaded newly released missions. The multi-area structure of the map was quite enjoyable, it's essentially like 5 missions in one - finding keys in one area that you need in another was also quite interesting. I'll echo some of the critique regarding scale: The bank and the mansion especially felt like they were too large - I don't mean in the number of rooms or things inside them but in that the buildings were so big that there was so much empty space left. With the mansions five meter wide corridors evading a patrolling guard is trivial and you don't even need to step off the carpet onto the marbled DangerFloor for it. Some rooms could also feel rather empty and unfurnished as a result, and it sure didn't help travel times. I liked the pagan cemetary a lot, the final area looked really cool and the above-ground area actually made sense to be large, though there wasn't much to do up top. I liked the greek/roman building style you associated with the pagans, usually we associate more wood and nature with them. The cabin I liked too, it was much smaller and with lights in nasty places. In the bank basement there was a door to the right of the elevator that was much narrower than other doors. I had trouble fitting through there, but when I finally did, I found nothing in the room :-( I too had to rely on the walkthrough to find the vault key in the bank. The music was a nice touch (though I found out quicksaving stops playback). Also very much appreciate the quick way back from the end of the crypt. I like to think I'm good at navigating, but the maze got me lost pretty quick. I'm a bit torn on lighting in this map. I think the insides areas of the mansion in particular were too dark - rooms like the kitchen on the ground floor had somebody working in them in effectively total darkness. The two ceiling lamps there were only lit up a somewhat small-ish circle in the middle of their rooms which was easily avoided due to the size of the rooms. Maybe more ambient light? You also used colored light to great effect - seeing the pagan statue from a distance like that was pretty impressive, for instance. If anything, I'd say the color was too strong in many cases - pure red, yellow or blue specks of color. Is it possible to create tinted light? Often there was a light source in a totally dark spot with a speck of color on an opposing wall. In the end I never found that necklace at the bottom of the water basin under the pavilion or the staff bathroom stash that we read about. Were they just old notes and people had already collected these? Don't let all my nitpicking about the minor things give you the wrong impression, I enjoyed playing through this map quite a lot. Thanks for making it!
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