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  1. I played Thief reboot or Thief 4. And I found it superb but this amazes me more because this is fan made and of such high quality, because it is as if the games of old have been thrust into the modern time. It amazes me because of if you put this and Thief 1 side by side you will see how much more Dark Mod is. I would agree that people won't go crazy about this. But I do appreciate how amazingly people bent idTech 4 to make this game. I mean I don't just play thinking oh god this is a nice Thief-like game. I go and think oh dang this is another amazing modification of an engine and a game, something done and carved out with care by hand. I mean this is something no AAA studio can do that is why I love mods more than full games now, for the most part.
  2. What is the song playing in Accountant 1 in the Dukes Mansion on the 2nd floor in the bathroom on a holophone (or whatever the device is)? I opened the zip but I couldn't find it in sounds. Nevermind found it, still curious what the song's original name is. Under game files it is "vic_echo_bathroom.ogg"
  3. @hmart I didn't mean to restrict this mod like this. I was saying to use the engine from this mod an create Dark Mod: Thief 1 as a separate mod for Thief 1 game. Then Dark Mod: Thief 2 for Thief 2. Lock these mods to these games but not locking the actual Dark Mod to Steam. (That is if you can finally get Dark Mod to steam because I heard it is hard as you gotta prove every asset comes from a legal source). @Goldwell Look at Black Mesa. It is a remake which started as a mod and it is not an exact copy of an original but still feels superior and true to it. Also look at Resident Evil 2 Remake. @all I don't see why Square Enix (who owns the IP right) would be angry if you approach it with the idea before actually creating the mods but I understand your fear and maybe apporaching Square Enix at all to get the "Eye of Sauron" fixed on you is not something you want. I just wanted to maybe give you all a new idea but honestly Thank YOU SOOO DANG Much with Dark Mod it is pure amazingness. I wish you made an Arx spin-off game too. This game Dark Mod by quality surpasses many AAA games !
  4. And neither does Dark Mod use any assets or models from Thief games too. Ah, Well I like Dark Mod as is but I always welcome more games to play. Especially as cool as this one. I only read a lot of threads about this and wanted to try and give a new idea if people wanted to do it but couldn't in a more easier way than was suggested before. But it is no biggie if you guys don't think it is viable or just don't want it just wanted to share. Some maps in Dark Mod give nice Dishonored vibe. Others feel like Dark Messiah or Ark Fatalis to me.
  5. So, as we all know Thief 1 and 2 remakes no can do because it is IP of Square Enix and they want to make measly 1-2$ dollars off these old classics from Steam. Well, maybe it can be done if we make sure the publisher gets to still sell their old classic games. They prohibit using any in game assets, and remaking in-game maps in new engine. Well it doesn't matter. What if a separate mod is made for each installment containing only the game i.e. Dark Mod: Thief 1; Dark Mod: Thief 2, where the key to playing these mods (which will only be downloadable through steam) will be owning the original games respectively. Because Steam now features a separate download and folder as well as an ability to allow mods to be download if a special requirement (in this case owning a particular title) is met. It is what Enderal did. So everyone gets what they want, people can re-create the originals in Dark Mod and distribute and publishers get more Thief fans as well as money. Probably will still have to pass this onto the publisher but this finally makes more sense to them to accept. I mean a free remaster of their games, hell they can even up the prices on their original games if they wish so and include the remasters in the store description as ways to play the game. P.s. The Dark Mod campaigns and maps are great themselves too, but it would also do Thief 1 and 2 justice if anyone ever remakes them this properply. But I take it nobody really wants to remake a game of that size because there is a mod for Thief 2 - Shadows of the Metal Age and I do not see any reason for it not being remade in this engine.
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