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  1. Some here are complaining about FPS. What are you people using instead of computers? Mine is 3 years old and it's running smoothly all maps so far. I can even move around when the whole map is showing (NOCLIP). And it wasn't a top-level computer when I bought it. I guess some people don't understand that you need processing power if you want quality and detail. I have a idea for them: try DOOM1, it will move great! Can we have a Dark Mod for DOOM1, please? )
  2. Can you believe today is the first day I'm playing a mission? It's been more than a month since I discovered Dark Mod. The graphics are so impressive that all I've done yet was to NOCLIP and NOTARGET around the maps. Now that I'm a little used to the graphics and game realism I can finally play and it's ever better. What you've done is not just a lot of work, but a work of art. Something funny: a guard was coughing near me and I was so immersed in the game that I just took a few steps back not to get sick )
  3. the discrepancy between quality and popularity is created by money, unfortunately the most popular products are not usually the best, but best advertised
  4. you got me it's so easy to spot a real programmer, you don't have to give him a full computer test, just ask him something like this, or for younger ones something like "how does a computer express -2 in hexa?"
  5. oh yeah... i have used dos navigator for years, even in windows 95 a nice file manager that was a .com shorter than 64KB, volkov commander, was still better than the huge & stupid norton commander
  6. I never use explorer, it's like a toy. Currently I prefer FAR. Has anybody here tried this one?
  7. unfortunately, it's true, quality and popularity are not really linked... see windows vs linux, or for older guys who used msdos, norton commander vs any other file manager, commercial or freeware
  8. When I said TDM is incredible I was only playing the training mission. Now I'm trying a real mission... and I can't believe what I'm seeing! You guys made a better game than most commercial ones! So many characters, so many objects, so much detail, great AI, it's breathtaking. I can harly play the mission, I keep looking around at the complexity and realism of each scene. Some rooms are simply a work of art. If there would be a contest for fan made material for any game or software product you'd win!
  9. I just wanna tell you guys who made Dark Mod that your work is really impressive. I can't find the words to express how surprised I am to see such a complex product made only from passion. If I wouldn't see it with my own eyes I'd never believe somebody telling me that this is not created by a company that spent huge amount of money to get it done. And I haven't even played any mission, I'm in training...
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