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  1. These look terrific, BTW. Your hard work is really paying off.
  2. Pretty sure that's deliberate. This isn't the only fan mission where the contents of a readable are summarised for the reader in parentheses rather than all presented in full. It would make not much sense for the entire mystery novel to actually be written out.
  3. A nice, simple mansion heist. I enjoyed this one. I liked the tight patrol routes with sufficient (if tricky) shaded places to hide. Finished with al but about 100 of the loot, and I think my only alerts were from people noticing things were missing.
  4. I'm not sure that repeatedly bumping this is going to help.
  5. To me, forcing the player to frob something before they can tell if it's loot or not is the unnecessary superficial layer. Since you bring up the original trilogy, remember in Thief 1, the first two chests you find when you first break into Lord Bafford's? One of them has a gold candlestick in it, the other one has a valueless but noisy ceramic bowl that's difficult to put down without alerting all the guards. That's not a challenge or good gameplay, it's using the UI to set a cheesy trap for players. There's a reason that sort of thing didn't make it into T2 (along with the illogical puzzles and unghostable levels): LGS got feedback that players disliked it, and rightly so. No, that's a poor comparison. Jumping and mantling and athletic feats are part of the point of the game, what I'm objecting to is making the player wrestle with an arbitrary UI oddity.
  6. And I still think our nameless protagonist should be able to tell the difference between loot and junk when he's close enough to inspect it. Having to actually pick it up first before you can tell if it's going to bounce around noisily of if you can stuff it in your loot bag silently seems like an awful lot of cheese to me.
  7. The outline would only show up if you're close enough to frob it, in which case you already know it's loot because it lights up and it's a painting. There's no other reason for a painting to be frobbable, unlike say a goblet which might light up because it's loot or because you can carry it and throw it at things. The yellow outline would help in the case of the goblet. Imagine an art gallery level where just one painting among dozens is valuable. The yellow loot indicator won't help you find it because you need to get up close to light it up anyway. In this situation only a long distance shimmer will help you, and that's something I would NOT like introduced. Sorry if that wasn't clear; I can be overly terse sometimes.
  8. Heh. This is a sin I committed in my mission. Though, in my defence, that particular item is pretty much the only thing down there. Sure, but for paintings basically the only reason they're frobbable is when they're loot. I don't think I've ever seen a carryable painting. Distinguishing them from non loot paintings would require a distance loot glint, and that's something I'd associate more with "baby's first stealth game".
  9. Looks perfect to me. It doesn't need to be glaring, just give loot and keys a yellow outline to distinguish them from non-treasure frobbables.
  10. There is one very good reason for wanting different frob appearances for loot and regular objects: "Hmm... is this copper goblet loot or not? Let's pick it up to find out. Oh, it isn't loot, it's just a carriable goblet. Guess I'll just quietly put it down somewhere..." BANG CLATTER THUMP RATTLE ALL THE GUARDS ARE ALERTED I think the thief himself would know before grabbing whether he would want to keep it as loot or not, and I have no issue for that to be communicated to the player.
  11. I thought maybe there was a good reason for doing it that way that I wasn't aware of, but I have raised the issue on the tracker now.
  12. That "shift by a random amount" feature would be more useful if it randomised each selected face independently, if you have multiple selected faces. I use it mainly for making stairs look less cloney and it would be nice if I could select all the front faces and randomise them relative to each other all at once.
  13. Yeah, I messed something up with the "return to the start" objective and couldn't get it fixed in time.
  14. Why don't we have contests more often? The last one seems to have been in 2015, which is well before my time.
  15. I found the key is more visible when the guy is facing you. For instance, when he's just left the room you're in and shuts the door behind him. More of the key sticks out and the red contrasts with his green clothing. Only reason I knew it was there when I played. I like this mission. It's one I play occasionally if I'm in the mood for a quick mansion heist. Please come back Xonze! TDM would be richer with a few more Xonze-style missions.
  16. Now I feel as though I've been issued a challenge. Let's see how much I can achieve by the end of June.
  17. Does a diff on those two files show anything interesting?
  18. I figured it out. I needed to put "any entity with SDK-level spawnclass idPlayer" but I accidentally had "entity with name idPlayer".
  19. I think I was going for an "embarrased" face because I forgot I said I'd show my results no matter how bad it was.
  20. Okay then, here it is. Luckily it weighs in at under 500kb so I can attach it directly and not have to upload it somewhere else. For your face-palming amusement, I give you "The Shield of Canthus" Stuff I just couldn't get working right: Is this damp squib releasable? Hell no. Will it ever be? Also not. It's just so ugly and badly designed. But I think I learned a bit more about mapping from doing it, so it was worth it IMO. On the plus side, I think the location settings were pretty good. And the little flooded basement with my tribute to grayman looks pretty similar to how I imagined it in my head. Now I'm going to have a cold beer and a nap. shield.pk4
  21. Phew! That was a lot harder and more frustrating than I thought it would be, but I've succeeded in about 85% of what I wanted to do: Grayman tribute done Hidden secret! Done Three difficulty levels, but for some reason the "return to your starting point" just won't work and I can't figure out why Two of the buildings still look like poop on the outside because I just didn't have enough time to detail them properly. Oh well. If anyone's interested in looking at a five-minute run through the most hopelessly ugly level ever I can put the file up. Otherwise I'll just put this one down for experience and do something better.
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