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  1. Thanks for the pointers! Somehow I still missed 1500g; I had a great time finding how all the discreet areas were connected (peeking through windows, grates, etc) So often the scrolls are just props, I guess I forgot to look at that one. Having a double-trigger for a secret is fiendish! Is the music on the West side custom? I found it distractingly contemporary.
  2. *I've completed all the main objectives but one: find a clue. I found the item it will point me to, but I still need a hint *I got two "discoverable" objectives and completed them: What is the third? *I know I missed some things in the Builders' admin building and need pointers:
  3. There is some dodgy construction going on. Land developers these days, no eye for quality just in a rush to get it built fast and cheap:
  4. just starting, trying to not be spoiled about what is to come, so I shall ask: in the apartments,
  5. In the factory I had to use CambridgeSpy's walkthrough to find the lockbox key; I had to noclip to actually pull the prize out of it. The tilted ruins are very nice! I hoped they would be more extensive. It would be nice to see older, T1-style architecture under the current City levels
  6. I have been playing ver1. I thought I was too far along to make it worth restarting, but knowing now how big this mission is, I should have. thank you for sharing your hard work with this one; I found it to not be my cup of tea (large areas to traverse, my least favorite AI, lots of hunting for clues to obscure puzzles) so I appreciate the extra help getting through.
  7. thank you, I forgot about that door. There is a chest in the office that doesn't open, but maybe I'll find a key. I made it into the chapel, saved, had to reload, and had another crash (program froze, had to use task manager to quit) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zhROjrIeb5DpGG9BL2BkUdKoFWF2BWK2?usp=sharing edit: I did not find a key for the chest in the court office there were several chests in the quarters that contained items I could not frob, were any of those Also, before I leave, what do I do with the three special items for the
  8. the way the spoilers are nested, I can't read your second hint. I've completed three combinations, still missing the top bar (Borden I believe)
  9. stuck trying to enter the quarters. can someone direct me to the key, please?
  10. updated to ver2 by uninstalling and reinstalling. I'm getting a 'do not kill' objective failure when I Also getting a lot of collision errors, most I can ignore (slightly entering into walls or items) but some have bigger collision than visible geometry and block my path, or I get stuck in (a few crates, vases, and skeleton parts). This is a huge mission, but it happens often enough to be annoying.
  11. I experienced a major system crash after a few minutes in the I'm a bit wary of venturing in there again. What info should I provide if it crashes again?
  12. I just spent an inordinate amount of time searching the airlock area, before giving up and examining every inch of the station and finding At one point I became convinced it was outside, and swam around looking for it! I think part of the problem is that this mission is particularly dark; if I don't have my lantern on things become lost in inky shadows. I haven't had this problem in other missions, except in "magical darkness" situations. I'm also experiencing wonky collision, things either having none or taking far too much invisible space.
  13. I'm finding them more realistic today as well, since the abusive people in power have set barriers around themselves so thoroughly they are near-impervious and like to flaunt their cleverness. "I did it; and it's all legal! Nya-ha-ha-ha!" it didn't work for me, either. the 'unlock' sound played, but the grate didn't open nor did the lights come on. you can still one-shot backstab a haunt in TDM, it is just very tricky to do. I think they are already at a higher alertness, or something. Can someone give hints to get
  14. he had a few I didn't, but it reminded me that he lists the clock tower on Bell Street when it is on Hill Street (in case that is confusing anyone else) and that the map has the clock tower in the center but it is actually by Marlow Manor - unless there is a second one?
  15. wow, thoroughly enjoyed getting lost and soaking in the ambiance of the Mirkway Quarter! I printed out a map to make notes on, and keep track of which passages connected which areas I found a few extras:
  16. I also get it with the dumbwaiter hitting the the bottom of the shaft. TDM just updated, so I'm surprised assets are missing. Do I need a fresh download to fix it? I tried when posting and it wouldn't go; it should be fixed now
  17. I've done a lot more exploring, gotten a little lost, picked up some shiny objects, and found some bugs: I'm missing prompts for some very obvious bonus things, or seeing ways of entry for others:
  18. I've found a few locations where geometry and collision don't match up, mostly walking through chairs and window frames; tonight I found several crates and barrels in the warehouse had larger collision than they appeared (or at least misaligned) leading to 'dead zones' I couldn't traverse without climbing on invisible barriers. the hanging rope outside the double doors (over Lower Street) threw me off a couple times as well. I'm loving everything else I've found so far, trying to be systematic but also just getting lost
  19. that was fun! I want a place with so many hidden rooms... in the I was pretty sure the switch was After successfully exiting, I got the "can't leave yet" message just as the "mission complete" triggered.
  20. prjames, I swear I looked right at both switches earlier but couldn't see them. Maybe it was ambient light.
  21. I will echo all the praise given; the constructive criticism I had has already been stated so I won't retread. I did experience a crash trying to lean through the shop door, but didn't try it elsewhere. When I couldn't pick up the bottles in room 3 I was confused, but the answer has been laid out here. I've found one more secret: I think that's 4/5 found between us now? I'm looking at the bookcase, but can't find a way to open it
  22. this is just what I needed, thank you for you time and energy! is there a way to minor bugs: really bad LOD popping of tree models all over map, and a completely white compass (which seems to be an issue with all FMs)
  23. this was a delightful little map, thank you so much for it! I got about half the secrets; I couldn't if those are part of the total. Hints, please?
  24. Entering the pibrary, the door was locked; exploring a bit, I heard a noise and there was now an AI in the hallway by the stairs down and the door was closed and unfrobbable. Maybe it close the door behind it? I tried reloading, but there might have been a condition in the save; I will try restarting - or could just noclip through I suppose
  25. the room in the library was locked until a trigger event, and now the door is unfrobbable. Is there another way in, or is this a bug? I checked outside, upstairs, the window... (also, the rain seems to come through the overhang above the front door)
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