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  1. Yes it is and its second hand. My PC needs a serious overhaul/rebuild. It can be, my computer does struggle with the larger missions. I do have it in mind to upgrade at some point but for the time being its still alive and working. I do have other games I can't run at all on my computer so likely in the near future I will have to get on and upgrade things in it. Its just the issue of time, money and getting the right parts. Ps. If you think that is an old computer part my screen is an old LG from I think 2004.
  2. Hello, I am having this problem as well. Radeon HD 5500 graphics card. I decided ti try test15973-8778 based on this: It appeared to work, I now have the menu screen.
  3. I only have the default missions installed, the menu isn't visible at all. just a black screen with sound.
  4. Right, The game now runs but the screen is black. I can hear the menu music and when I move the mouse I can hear the menu names being selected.
  5. ran the updater and I am getting the same blue screen window as the first post. does running the updater install the hotfix or do i need to download that separately? Pardon me I misunderstood: Running installer now
  6. I finally braved following your instructions Freyk it created a qconsole file. Is this what you wanted?
  7. Right chaps, the gist appears to be that my graphics hardware and software is no longer advanced enough for TMD. That's alright I'll add it to the list of reasons I should do some serious upgrades to my pc. I've got other games that could also do with better hardware anyway. I'll not go fiddling with codes and notebook as I am naïve and technologically illiterate when it comes to these things. I've still got 2.08 on my laptop so I'll play it on there for now. Thank you you've all been helpful
  8. I've gone into device manager and ran an update on the drivers, it said they were up to date. (Think I might want to upgrade at some point?)
  9. Just updated to 2.09 from 2.08 and this is what I get after opening darkmodx64 icon. I updated as usual, I did not click on any advanced options. I tried to update again and got the same thing. Any ideas on what went wrong?
  10. Hello, sorry I haven't replied back to this thread for a while. As for the console opening, UK keyboard so it was the circumflex instead of tilde. Thank you Destined. I tried the condump but the file doesn't show up anywhere. I also tried the logfile one as well but again the file doesn't show up anywhere either. I'm sure I follow the instructions correctly. I even tried a few times for good measure on different days. any further advice? (P.s: I retried the hotfix and the file won't save.)
  11. I cant open the game console. Unless I'm missing something in the instructions. darkmod.cfg:
  12. Managed to get the file and complete the hotfix update. For whatever reason the glitching is now worse than it was before. I'll give the softparticles a try later. Let you know how it goes.
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