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  1. Okay, so, I love rope arrows. No. I LOVE rope arrows. So freakin awesome and freedom-giving. I love this stuff. All I want is a big mission, in which you have dozens of places to use this, not 1-2 roofs, where you get up once to get into the bank and after that forget about ropes at all. Can you guys suggest me a mission with such a freedom? If there not only human enemies, but also monsters / ghosts - that would be even more awesome. Thanks!
  2. So, only two questions are there at this moment. Are you, dear devs, going to add these 2 elements into TDM: 1. Visible hero's body (torso, legs and arms, when pick-locking, f.e.) 2. Campaign (combining both Thief and Thief II missions, for example). Thank you.
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