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  1. RE stairs: I had been putting ladder textures as ramps on certain staircases where the AI was having difficulties climbing. But my beta testers clued me in that was the wrong thing to do, because of player behavior oddities. So I could either go to: 1) Ramps of monsterclip, as Dragofer suggests here 2) Ramps of clip, to also ease player movement 3) Ramps of solid nodraw, which some prefabs have, to also ease player movement 4) Convert certain stairs back to worldspawn from func_static. I originally converted these to func_static to help avoid rendering problems when im
  2. @MirceaKitsune, I'm guessing that would be a new feature request. The way you're doing it now (or the equivalent round-tripping through a script function) seem like what's available currently.
  3. CALL FOR BETA TESTERS PAUSED FOR NOW, UNTIL NEXT UPDATE IN A MONTH OR TWO Your participation is greatly appreciated. Visit the testing thread More here soon!
  4. Makes sense. As to Greebo's namespaces idea, I'm guessing it would probably usefully resolve conflicts for some styles of collaborative "separation of concerns" but not for others.
  5. Beta Testing of Away 0: Stolen Heart Now Open Please consider participation if your schedule allows. Thanks. UPDATE: Participation is now paused, due to ample input, until the forthcoming Release Candidate 1
  6. Also, the auto-incrementing of new names may cause occasional problems, where 2 mappers both add (different location) doors, but they end up with the same name because of auto-incrementing of the numerical suffix. Presumably detecting the other fields differ, and providing manual reconciliation, will deal with that.
  7. Even if the entity IDs are only comments, duplicates still have to be prevented, or else DR's "search by entity number" feature will be confused or confusing.
  8. @Dragofer@greebo, great to see these collab features start to become available. I assume the new import feature as a way to resolve conflicts with duplicate entity numbers. (i.e., mapper A creates new entity #1000, mapper B creates new entity #1000, and on import you want to keep both, so one must be renumbered.) It's too late in the cycle to consider using this new DR version for the current FM, but maybe I'll play around with it in September with some "trash" FM.
  9. @thebigh, for now I've logged the details in my "possible bug reports" folder. When I have more bandwidth later in the summer, I'll revisit the issue to see if it's reproducible.
  10. SOLVED. I had to edit the .map file directly. Evidently this objective was originally checking a location, and when I changed it to instead check a loot value, it let behind some location cruft. That wasn't visible in the Objectives Editor, but kept the objective from working.
  11. 'Tis odd, but will try that. Update: For testing, I temporarily added a stack of coins at player start, with inventory value changed to 2000 Unfortunately, clearing the objective's irreversible flags made no difference, nor did checking "player responsible" on the component. Objective still not being satisfied.
  12. I have a problem that my 'total loot gold' objective is not firing when I exceed it (e.g., over 1800 with a goal of 1150). Is it that the component item should be something other than "Overall (component-specific)", which I think is what "A-Z" seems to recommend? If so, what should it be? Thanks. Have to solve this before I release to beta. Details of Objective from Objectives Editor Description: Get into Four Flags, and enrich myself at least 1000 ducats Difficulty: All Levels Flags: Mandatory, Irreversible, Visible Components: 1. Acquire 1150 entities Type: Playe
  13. In the upcoming "Stolen Heart" FM, there is a character, Coach, who is patiently, and with encouragement, guiding an acolyte in how to be a better singer and a better person. I will be renaming him "Coach grayman", and dedicating this FM to grayman's memory.
  14. Got it to work, adhering more closely to @Destined plan. Except changeTarget is not effective if the AI is already on the way to the affected node. So I put in an extra interim node immediately preceding it. Seems to work now.
  15. @JackFarmer, @Destined, some great ideas. The translating door sounds a bit finicky in placement, but either the objective method (with a hidden objective doing the counting) or the bypass-waitfortrigger method seem straightforward. I'll probably try the latter first. It may be that no waitfortrigger node is needed at all... just a path corner with no target as a place to wait, and the alternative path corner with a target continuing the path. And the player triggers a change-path between these for the AI. (Using a triggerOnceEntity specific to the player, of course. And I've got some trigger
  16. On a different topic, I need a clue for this problem. I have the player following an pathed AI at a distance. Ordinarily the AI holds up at a waitfortrigger path node, then the player passes through a triggeronce that targets the AI, causing it to continue on the path to the next node (which is also a waitfortrigger, that is triggered elsewhere). Imagine the path is linear and this is the physical layout: player>>> [triggeronce] ai>>> [corner][waitfortrigger] [corner][waitfortrigger] Ordinarily this work fine.
  17. @Frost_Salamander, no direct experience, but I see that William Steele 4 - The Warrens has an entity called "MerryChest1Lock", so maybe that's something to look at. Perhaps some problem with frob_master / frob_peer / froblock?
  18. I see @nbohr1more just helpfully added the g_timeModifier to the "Console Useful Commands" list. The bug report discussion mentions that a "too high" value will break physics, but hopefully the "g_timeModifier 2" example in Console Useful Commands doesn't count as too high.
  19. @Frost_Salamander, in Time, frames and ticks, Stgatilov wrote, under "Important cvars/timescale": "I think it should only work without uncapped FPS" So perhaps it's already covered sufficiently on the wiki? There seem to be on-going discoveries of problems with the newish uncapped FPS feature. My experience RE a wiki account is that newbies will likely be rebuffed, but if you've successfully released an FM and been around contributing in a positive way for a while, then a PM request to one of the old hands with admin privileges (which is not me) will be favorably received.
  20. Upcoming TDM 2.10 will have more features for debugging info_location problems, thanks to @stgatilov. These are summarized in my update to The Location Entities section of Location Settings. Also See More at the bottom has additional links.
  21. I added that link to the wiki a while ago, and I see that you are correct, the page is now missing. I couldn't find an equivalent replacement thread to link to. Assuming your FM has had some beta testing, you could ask a beta tester to release it, or maybe @Dragofer or @nbohr1more can help. Long term, it would be good if TDM had a more formal and maintained way to know who to contact for FM release... there is an @admin contact, but is that the right way to go, given there are many types of admin (forum, db, wiki, FM release, source, art assets) ?
  22. @Obsttorte, could you elaborate on your wall technique a bit more... what is this "wall with no thickness" of which you speak? Is that a patch or decal? Also, it sounds like you make each room with its own caulk shell, so that 2 abutting rooms have 2 caulk walls between. So you cut through each to make a doorway+visportal? To the more general discussion, @Frost_Salamander, my current project, based on and extending _Atti_'s castle-like architecture, typically has a single non-caulk worldspawn (so sealing) wall between abutting rooms. These walls are either 16 or 14 grid units thick... 14
  23. Sometimes the project has changed, particularly if you're making a copy of a project. Then DR is looking one place for the .lin, but TDM is putting it in another place. So in DR, make sure you've selected the correct project under File > Game/Project Setting...
  24. Thanks, will check it out. Sounds like a custom script.
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