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  1. Finally clocked this. Great mission, but man I had to grind for that loot. Also, that's gotta be the biggest key collection for a mission in TDM. Question is, was there a key to the building to the right of the blacksmith, also was there an entrance somewhere for where that African/Moorish guy is? Looking forward to more missions of this caliber!

  2. Wow! Calling this a "large" mission is the understatement of the year. There's so many layers that I'm surprised that my head hasn't exploded yet. This makes Painter's Wife almost feel like a speedbuild! Love the constant references to Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. I'm done with the main bit but I feel the need to keep exploring, which is really rare with a lot of the TDM FM's that I've played. Long story short, this has crept right up to my fav missions of all time list. Please keep coming up with more FM's man! 

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