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  1. Hi all,

    Happy new year and I can't wait to see what this very talented team manages to release this year. Some of my favorite missions so far are (not in order are):

    1.) Crucible of Omens: Behind closed doors 

    2.) Alberic's Curse 

    3.)  Crystal Grave 

    4.) Deceptive Shadows 

    5.) Awaiting the Storm

    As for campaigns, I highly rate whatever's released by Dragofer, Goldwell, Grayman and Sotha. I feel that atmosphere sets aside TDM from all the other bland, bloated games that are saturating the market at present. I just love that Gothic/Baroque feel that TDM is able to capture and that no-one else appears to be doing, much to the detriment of gamers everywhere.  I do feel as the missions get more and more detailed, this list will most likely change a couple of times! Keep up the great work team!




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    2 hours ago, Petike the Taffer said:

    Not to resuscitate this so soon, but... You know how the original Thief games and even TDM have fairly rockin' intros and/or credit videos ? Well, if we ever do some North African themed missions, here's some music to consider:


    Granted, it's Tuareg, rather than Moorish or Berber, but still a nice blend of traditional Maghrebi singing with some nice modern strummin', :)

    Obviously, we couldn't use a copyrighted song, but something stylistically similar would fit with some of TDM's anachronistic musical themes.

    Definitely on the right track, but I personally feel that it sounds a bit too contemporary. I would think more along the lines between the intro music for this doco and Vangelis's Animoid Row Part 2 from Blade Runner. This is more bazaar/marketplace type stuff.




  3. 9 hours ago, Petike the Taffer said:

    One of our female members (Lavender, I think ?) had an almost finished female vocal set for the player character, but she left. I don't think she ever completely finished it and shared it, which is a massive pity (all the more that it must have taken her a good deal of work to do the raw recordings for every little player vocal).

    In my planned series, I actually want to use one of its main female characters as the POV figure, i.e. the player character, in a mission or two. It's mostly going to be FMs with a male protag, but a female associate of his is a major recurring NPC and I want to give her some missions of her own. (Hence why the series' title is Partners in Crime - I consider it a bit of an experiment, about a duo of thieves, rather than another loner hero.)

    Never thought of a North African lady protag for an FM, but that could certainly be doable. Again, it comes down to lacking assets - in this case, we still don't have any vocal set for a female PC. As soon as we'd have that issue resolved, you can just about come up with any female protagonist you like, regardless of place of origin.

    Funnily enough I did play T2 - Shadows of the Metal Age HD remaster and that sounds exactly like what you're trying to achieve. Hell, the main character was from Northern Africa! This was made ages ago and I'm not sure what happened to the devs, but maybe it's worth dropping them a line or two? Man, I would've happily paid good money for that game. 

    That being said, I have been burned on kickstarter with the System Shock remaster, which'll be done roughly when I hit retirement at this stage....

  4. On 11/1/2019 at 10:00 PM, Petike the Taffer said:


    I am actually planning to do a North African themed mission in the future, for my series. It's just too early at this point. To me, it makes sense my protagonist could go on a one-shot adventure overseas, south of the Empire. I'd like to use those more exotic existing assets we already have, especially the Moorish NPCs. There are only so many ways you can get them involved if an FM takes place in Bridgeport or a similar European-style city or setting.

    As others have said, the relative lack of model assets is currently the biggest obstacle. However, having documented the assets we already have earlier this year (still not entirely finished with the effort), I am confident that a more "barebones" version of such a more exotic environment is certainly possible. You have plenty of useful stone, adobe, mosaic and tiling textures available, and a lot of them can be used for North African style architecture without it looking too fake. A mission builder just needs to get creative with the assets available. Maybe the result won't be as sumptuous in the details as the author would like, but every FM can be eventually reworked, including adding further level of detail, new assets to the environment where they were missing before. Also, people can make custom assets for a mission and if they're good enough, they can be included in the core mod, making the whole thing easier for anyone who wants to build a future North African themed mission.

    I can't stress enough how much it helps if you like and study (even on an amateur basis) historical architecture. For most of TDM, we only need to focus on European architecture and plenty of people seem to research things fairly well. It is entirely possible to do the same for North African (and even other similar-enough African architecture, from more arid/subtropical climates) to achieve similarly believable results.

    I've decided to list some visual reference materials below, just for any FM builder interested in this sort of setting or theme.


    Visual reference materials for Maghreb-style settings (or "arid Africa" style settings)

    Old towns of North African cities:






    Kasbahs / casbahs of North African cities:




    North African mosques (I'd recommend focusing on the medieval or at least centuries-old ones):







    North African, Ethiopian and Somali castles:









    Other general reference materials:










    I'd be inclined to agree, but TDM's setting already strives for a degree of "historical accuracy" in the European-looking/alternate Europe part of the setting, so it would make sense for there to be a somewhat grounded look for the North African stuff too. We don't want the broad verisimilitude to get dented and look like something cooked up for a cheesy Hollywood film. We can do better than that. For example, one little pet peeve I tend to have is when an ostensibly realistic old Middle Eastern or Persian setting has guys running around with scimitars that look like oversized cleavers that would be impossible to lift and swordfight with adequately in real life. (It's like some Middle Eastern version of the swords-as-oversized-cricketbats thing you see in fantasy. Azeem's oversized tulwar-scimitar-thingie in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a textbook offender.) If you look at real historical scimitars, they are rather elegant sabres with fairly narrow blades, and the details vary from region to region in the ME&NA. I think our AI modelling and rigging team did a good job on our Moorish NPCs, they have swords that might have a bit of fantasy flair, but aren't overdone.

    Yes. I think the current limited AI diversity - especially a lack of civilian characters in more local, North African style clothing - would be the biggest entity asset obstacle. Household servants and townsfolk in European clothing wouldn't be too convincing, even if you could fake the rest with clever asset use.

    Wooden beds aren't the biggest issue, at most you could look at wood textures from Mediterranean and African woody vegetation used in the consturction of traditional buildings, and add the texture. If you think something looks like an oak wood texture that wouldn't fit the natural context, you simply make a texture-reskinned addon of an ordinary bed, with e.g. a palm wood texture. (People have historically used date palm trunks even for construction, especially in inhabited desert areas with a lack of adequate wood. Aside from the rounder shape, the palmwood beams I've seen in photos or docu footage from those regions look like any other wooden beams.)

    Wow, I'm staggered at the amount of research that's been put in. The amount of passion this community has is truly phenomenal. Just to add some more fuel to the fire, I believe this collection of short stories could provide some more ideas around concept, if we were to go with a much darker theme than say a Prince of Persia:


    I also feel that Andalusian architecture could provide a happy balance between European and Middle Eastern. Anyways, this is turning into a very interesting discussion!



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  5. 13 hours ago, Jedi_Wannabe said:

    I agree that does sound cool. Might come down to a lack of assets tho, I’ve not fully explored everything within DR so idk. We’ve got palm trees and sand so we’re half there. But how would one make those onion shaped domes like the Taj Mahal has?

    Always seems to me like mappers start with creating their dream mission, one they always wished to play back in the day. Why don’t you take a crack at learning the software and fleshing out those ideas in your head? A wise man around here once said the best way to say thank you to the community is to learn DarkRadiant and give back.

    I understand if it seems daunting and intimidating, I am pretty unsavvy when it comes to technology. But it really is fun to create and there’s no shortage of resources or helpful folks around here.

    Time is another factor, I get that it’s never on our side. With two kids, soon to be three I am constantly faced with the predicament of what to do with my little free time: do I work on my own map, do I play somebody else’s, or do I catch up on sleep?

    On the topic of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., I loved Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat, but haven’t played them in about 3 or 4 years. What good mods would you recommend? I was super impressed with an HD graphics overhaul mod. Has anybody figured out how to add multiplayer? I was following Survarium a long time ago but forgot about it due to lack of progress. And then there was Fear the Wolves but haven’t checked on either in a while.

    There are loads of decent S.T.A.L.K.E.R modes over at MODDB. My personal favorites so far are:

    Wind of time - new story mod

    Spatial Anomaly - new story mod

    Road to the North - new story mod

    Anomaly - new story mod/overhaul

    Call of Pripyat Remake 2.1 - overhaul with some stunning visuals

    This is really just the tip of the iceberg. There's dozens of quality mods but unfortunately, I'm not literate in Russian so I'm cut off from 80% of them! Damn! Other than that, there are a shitload of other crazy good mods. One favorite is the ACM overhaul, which completely transformed what was by all accounts a terrible game to something quality:


  6. Hi all,

    First off let me say that TDM has renewed my faith in gaming at a time where bloated, soulless open world/multiplayer gaming seems to have taken over. There's real passion behind each level released, not a whole bunch of filler added in by devs working death-shift hours. This, the numerous S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Skyrim mods are pretty much all I play now. 

    The only small suggestion I would have, if it hasn't been suggested a million times already, is perhaps getting a Moorish/Middle-Eastern setting going. The whole 1001 nights context would be an open pallette to explore. I personally can't wait to sneak around some Sultan's palace or some long forgotten tomb in the desert. Just my 2 cents. Anyways, keep up the great work all!




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