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  1. I think that the data that matters is the recent one, just in case a recent commit messed something up. The rest irrelevant. And the bug tracker being highly capable won't matter to me, as I will fix 100% of bugs anyway before developing more. I only need a list of bugs which isn't too convoluted on features and items. At the same time I would use tags for differentiating critical bugs, suggestions of improvement, and regular bugs. That classification would be good enough for knowing where to start working, further than that I don't see how the bug tracker could help. Bottom lin
  2. I mean instead of work-arounding the problem, just fixing it.
  3. Nevertheless you are better reusing existing infrastructure than managing your own. Also having at least two people with access to it at any given time.
  4. If the main server is reliable, and easy to reinstall, that isn't needed. For example you can have the home folder in a different cloud drive than the system, and a script with all the installed software. So in case of breakage you only have to reinstall the system drive, and run the script for having the same software installed in ten minutes. The server is up again in an hour.
  5. I have also notice that in the Thief series hitting on objects would make the animation like "stop there", as there is a real object.
  6. By the way I feel the game misses an important feature, which is being able to remove campaigns from within it. Without having to manually remove files from the file manager.
  7. You don't. You download the mission you want manually from Google Drive, and place it onto the game folder. Inside "fms/[campaignName]". The list of missions is handy for that.
  8. No because the game has to write its own config files in its own folder, so this creates two problems: - All users share config, save-games and campaigns. Any user can freely modify other user's data. - And the fact the game can write in that directory means that they can also delete it. So this is why the code I made. It creates a separate game folder for each user, and it links all the shared resources to the system wide folder. Plus it regenerates this folder in case of update. I saw the bug more than once, and a friend of mine was also unable to install the game. Any
  9. Archive.org is backed by the USA government, and archiving software you are no longer capable to get by comercial means is a copyright exception.
  10. @honzi Call it necessary complexity, there's no simpler way to make this game work on Arch than the AUR package itself. The official installer leads to an standalone download only usable to one user, where the AUR package makes it available system wide. And yes that exit status is a bug, and it's not the only one. For example the official installer frequently hangs forever on a transient Internet disconnection on any platform. That's why I coded a separate installer, cause otherwise many times the package never finished building. Don't insult my software boy! Everything I do is for a
  11. If I was in that situation I would host any feasible service on external platforms, as long as those platforms had the needed features and are cost effective. For example hosting code on GitLab. That will cut maintenance and risks of data lost.
  12. As instructed by the domain hoster, sent a message to the owner of the domain using whois.pairdomains.com.
  13. I have also requested the domain hoster to pass this message to the domain owner.
  14. By the way: And I'm not receiving new email notifications for new messages in this forum, so probably the email server is down too.
  15. @Melan@admin@nbohr1more@greebo@modetwo@modetwoadmin@taaaki@grayman@New Horizon@Springheel@SteveL Is the person in charge aware of the problem? By the way I have emailed team|at|thedarkmod.com without response.
  16. If I was in that situation I would move the source repository into gitlab.com, and just get the missions from there.
  17. The mission server seems to be down, the game cannot connect to it.
  18. Personally whatever work I put in something I do with the perspective of it being mostly unattended later on. This way I can manage an amount of things that normally it would be imposible. For example when packaging the Dark Mod for Arch I designed it in a way that, once implemented, it won't need my supervision later on. Except perhaps in case of anomaly. Everything is automatically detected and handled by software, even the package version itself is read from web pages and the list of game files are generated automatically on any future update. For the moment being I don't see the
  19. It looks a bit hairy, as that would require architecting the software for a container and then maintaining it. It cannot be as automated as my package in Arch.
  20. I just realized an easy way to promote the game close to what we are talking here, which is publishing it on Flathub. I will have a look at that.
  21. Actually legal entities are there to separate your personal assets from the project assets in case of demand. Otherwise your personal goodies are already exposed. If you are behind a legal entity they cannot take more than what the legal entity owns. What remembers me of this video. By the way Steam Support replied with an useless generic message:
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