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  1. Thanks for the mission it was awesome and covid-19 free
  2. Thanks for the snowy mission! I laughed out loud when
  3. Well the question was will it run on MX linux. The answer is yes. Where you put TDM on your MX linux machine and why is a different topic?
  4. mercury bird, For Encouragement: I am kinda new to linux and really new to TDM but i have been running TDM on the two most current versions of MX linux. (18 and 19). I did fresh manual installs from the instructions from their wiki and have no problems so far. Follow the link in freyks post and you will be fine. Not that there are more instructions beyond installing TDM on linux including how to install for x64 as well as looking for errors and missing files. I found it to be a very helpful wiki especially since i did a fresh install of mx linux19.
  5. TY for providing the mirrors anyway. Though this is not resolution, as a new comer I appreciate the remediation.
  6. I was able to download the Thomas Porter series this way.
  7. So as a noob here i was definitely disappointed to see that the server for downloading missions is down for now, but i would like to say to any newcomers like me that are perusing the forum that i am able to find mission downloads by keeping an instance of the list of missions one one tab and the forum in another and doing searches. Some missions have download links a the beginning of the missions page. Since i am terrible at this game, but moderatley addicted, i have found that i have been able to find hours of game play that i have not completed yet. Hopefully the server will be up soon but i am still getting a fresh "fix" of TDM since i am so far behind.
  8. Fully agree. Its a gift that keeps on giving. i dont know if i will ever catch up and be current. The opportunity for exploration is endless since i have only known about TDM for a less than a month. i kind hope i never fully catch up...
  9. after going thru several missions, I am also remind of metal gear solid. Another game i am terrible at playing lol. I am still enjoying the hell out of TDM.
  10. TY to all for replying. sorry i have not gotten back till now. while i was waiting for my email to get validated, i removed TDM and reinstalled step by step from the wiki and was successful. Since then i have been lost in everything TDM and forgot about my post. I am a noob to linux, stealth games, thief, and TDM. (i have played assassins creed but this is more interesting).I am a terrible at gaming but TDM absorbs me. I am teaching myself about linux and wanted to learn how to do things like install games manually. i probably did not do things just right when manually installing the first time. Now im afraid ive spent more time exploring TDM than linux CLI. thanks to all
  11. Hello, I just installed TDM and have never played it. I read on the website that we are encouraged to play the training mission and the two other missions that are supposed to come pre-installed with the download. I select new mission and it says i have no missions installed. I go to Load/Save missions and there are non in that list either. I selected the download missions from server option and the training mission is not in that list either. There are many packages/folders downloaded in my TDM folder. Is there a place to look quickly for the training mission?
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