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  1. I am not asking for wiki credentials, I asked if registration is possible: usually there is a separation between "official" knowledge base (made by developers and/or trusted users) and a wiki thay anyone can edit. Maybe you have not been in communities that have open wikis, but they exist (Battle for Wesnoth and Warzone 2100 have both a official and an unofficial wiki, FreeCiv has its official wiki on Fandom, open to anonymous editing). Regarding the license I asked because it is not written on the Wiki (and I think it should) Changing the password is not a good idea, this account has been created with a temporary email
  2. @freyk Ok, thanks, I'm quite lazy, so I am using a temp account @peter_spy I wasn't expecting anything, I asked because usually Wikis are open to everyone's contribution (some even accept anonymous editing). By the way, do you know under what license are the contents on TDM wiki released?
  3. Hi, I would like to know how to register to TDM Wiki (and if editing is possible), as far as I can see only logging in is possible
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