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  1. Yes, gaming laptops are both ridiculously expensive, and incredibly bulky. The ergonomics are definitely important, don't think Deck really compares easily to anything else, what with the double touchpad/trigger setup.
  2. I was always annoyed that I had to stop playing when going to the toilet. No more. Other than that, seems like a curious alternative to a laptop, especially if playing games is of importance.
  3. I'll have you know I enjoy every weird artist I reported to the other thread. That said, while I do gravitate towards the unusual these days... ...I have some artists in particular that are a bit more conventional I also enjoy a lot. I'm not really into synthwave/retrosynth/whateverthehell in general, most artists just don't quite cut it, but I really like Perturbator's darksynth. The Uncanny Valley in particular is amazing. Too bad the new album sucks. The Midnight are a much dreamier side of the synth-coin compared to Perturbator. Not to mentioned it's predominantly sung. The vocal melodies really carry the whole thing. Any release is fine to start with, but Days of Thunder has freaking Days of Thunder. Anathema are rock band of some kind, but even then not really ordinary. Moody, with pianos, string sections, male and female vocals. I pretty much exclusively listen to them in the summer. If I have a favorite song, it's Untouchable pt.1. Weather Systems and Distant Satellites would be my recommended albums to check out. Worth mentioning I was a major metalhead in the past, but don't care much for the style as a whole these days. Not because of any notion of "new metal sucks", I just can't be bothered. Occasionally something exceptional happens, like the most recent Mgla album. Already knew the band, but Age of Excuse was the first album I bought.
  4. roygato

    Free games

    A couple of permanently free games I can recommend. NaissanceE - https://store.steampowered.com/app/265690/NaissanceE/ An atmospheric first-person exploration platformer or something like that. It's a little barren, but there is just something very alluring about the abstract world. The sound-design is spot-on, from what I remember. I actually paid for it back in the day, it became free afterwards, but I can't say I regret it. Doki Doki Literature Club - https://store.steampowered.com/app/698780/Doki_Doki_Literature_Club/ This one is very popular, but still worth mentioning. A really creative short visual novel. A paid version was recently released, with various extras, but the free one still has the unchanged main experience. And a couple of others I have in my collection, but haven't played yet. We Were Here - https://store.steampowered.com/app/582500/We_Were_Here/ This is a co-op-only first-person puzzle game. Technically I have played this, for an hour, but most of it was trying to figure out why our progress wasn't being saved. So unless we solve that, it may end up an unfinished project. Seems like a fun game, though, based on the first impressions; "describe what you're seeing to me" kind of puzzle solving, as you and your co-op buddy are physically separated. It's also part of a series, but only the first one is free. Glitchspace - https://store.steampowered.com/app/290060/Glitchspace/ A first-person puzzle game, based on visual programming tasks. The steam reviews appear to be somewhat mixed, but I haven't actually read them, so can't really say anything other than it's free, and a genre I enjoy.
  5. I've been known to enjoy jazz influence here and there. From the Perturbator album I linked. I'll listen to that all day.
  6. Indeed. I firmly believe that the only thing separating anyone from "good modern music" is effort. It's easier than ever for practically anyone to release music of any variety, you just have to find the good stuff somehow. This was pretty cool. It looks like they have the full album on bandcamp (https://guilhemdesq.bandcamp.com/releases), and there is a vinyl/CD available, so I'll have to give it a spin.
  7. Ran into this a while back. I like it as a concept, but the album is barely listenable. I did try, though, practically all I do is collect weird shit from the dark corners of Bandcamp. Here is a sampling. https://djkhalab.bandcamp.com/album/mberra - "M’berra is the sound, the story, of a collective of Malian musicians from the M’berra Refugee Camp in southeast Mauritania and Italian producer and electro-shaman Khalab." https://wvsorcerer.bandcamp.com/album/music-from-taiwan-mystery - "We make blurry and raw music. Imagine that if ancient people could play guitar and bass, what would their music be like?" https://meitei.bandcamp.com/album/kwaidan - "Kwaidan is a style of Japanese ghost stories. Meitei took it as a challenge of his skill as a musician to transpose the folklore into intricate compositions, capturing this lost 'Japanese mood'. " https://kishibashi.bandcamp.com/album/151a - This is much more accessible, but hey, it's summer. Orchestral pop at its finest. https://burningwitchesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/alone-in-the-woods - Occult electronica. https://vill4in.bandcamp.com/album/void-003-sangam - Dreampunk by the legend Sangam. https://kayodot.bandcamp.com/album/blasphemy - Avantgarde metal? I can't believe I enjoyed this album, all of their other ones are awful. https://lighghtmusic.bandcamp.com/album/gore-tex-in-the-club-balenciaga-amongst-the-shrubs- I don't know what this is. "Psychedelic broken techno trance". It's weird, but bought the cassette. Considering how much new stuff I buy constantly, it's particularly funny to read comments that agonize about the state of modern music.
  8. This is pretty much the only thing I adhere to in this context. So if it's sung music I want to listen, it better be indecipherable or in another language. Or both. As far as the topic as a whole goes, here's a random assortment of albums I've gone to over the past few years. That said, while working from home, I often don't listen to anything, since it's usually quiet. But bad music does, it's called jazz. Just kidding. But really, jazz does suck hard.
  9. Did you add "can_unlock" "door_name" field to the AI? The AI having the key to the door doesn't matter. See this video, from 43:25.
  10. I checked a couple of these out. The justice fence has the same issue as Mircea here; I'm also getting a dmap warning that refers to it. Is this something I can fix by downloading something? As for the mage, the plain_robes skin does look a little funky on the model viewer, but I don't get this ghosting effect in-game.
  11. This looks pretty cool, could make a ghastly invisible enemy if applied to the whole skin. Just a pair of disembodied hands.
  12. Plenty of them here: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missiondetails/?internalName=matterofhours
  13. This is one of the tragedies in mapping for this game. I'd love some Dishonored city-missions, with wide streets, tall buildings and long sight-lines, but it may be unattainable with acceptable performance.
  14. Does this article help? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Doors#Door_Handling_Positions The "ai_no_close" attribute sounds about right.
  15. @MirceaKitsuneJust a thought, did you add "objective_ent" "1" property to your NPC? I followed this article https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Objectives_Editor, the "An Objective to place an object in a Certain Location" part specifically, and got it to work. A very simple setup, just two rooms, one of which was covered by the objective_location clip brush, and then just pestered the AI from the starting room to the other, and it seemed to work no problem.
  16. Yeah, I wouldn't know how this type business is supposed to work. Many articles refer to "AI type", but I couldn't find a specific one just for that topic. This one https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=AI_Relations_(Editing) uses type and team interchangeably, which is odd since those are distinct spawnargs. So a human guard might be of team 2, but also type 0 I guess? Would like to see a list of all the AI and their types, if such a thing even exists.
  17. I got so curious about that objective not working that I jumped in to DR to try it myself. I used two AI, a human and a spider. "Do NOT kill 1 AI of type 0" does indeed work on humans, but it apparently also triggers on spiders. That said, I tried setting the "type" spawnarg on both AI, as @joebarnin (and @Destined) suggested above (for example, type 1 for human, type 2 for spider) and adjusted the objective to only fail if type 1 was killed. This worked perfectly. I can recall at least one mission that would fail the "no kill" objective even when killing spiders, so I guess the author forgot to make this distinction.
  18. roygato

    Free games

    Those three tend to be really cheap every sale anyway, but yeah, recommended. Haven't played Hong Kong yet, but quite enjoyed the other two, even though it's definitely not a genre I have much interest in. Carried by the setting, the fantasy-infused cyberpunk is very alluring.
  19. I actually never played A New Job when I was new to the game, I started just before 2.05. I played it in the latter half of 2018, but by that point I don't know how I reacted to that voice over. Just checked it again, and I don't have any recollection of even playing the damn mission, let alone hearing that remark. In any case, definitely a mechanic any ghoster would be glad to be aware of, as I'd imagine you'd want every advantage.
  20. Yeah, it's always troll when a guard starts walking away, but with his face turned to where you happen to be hiding, so have to wait for him to actually look elsewhere. Another thing you may or may not be aware of, the guard's headwear impacts their vision. A guard with a hood or an eyepatch will have a harder time catching stuff in their peripheral vision, as opposed to a guard without. I only learned of this via a mapping tutorial; don't think it's mentioned anywhere, couldn't even find anything about it on the wiki. But since it was Springheel who said it, it must be true.
  21. "I think you meant sneak peek". I wonder if that twitter account still exists. And whatever this compound is looks baller. Very imposing.
  22. I suppose you could just have more ways in the environment to circumvent the psychotic characters. Would be tougher if used in really tight areas, but then it's a map design conundrum. Would be interesting to try out a level with such AI. I wonder how many mappers even make a conscious effort to support ghosting. It's not an aspect that matters to me, since I don't ghost unless I'm forced to, but it's something I thought about when watching some of these mapping tutorials.
  23. I thought I had gone insane and made it up, but there was this at least. I guess when I saw the blue-tinted NPCs and the gold-tinted loot, I figured that was the direction this was going. But if not, then nevermind. And I agree, it would be pointless. If it'll be just between loot and other stuff, getting to color customize sounds good.
  24. I was wondering. If the new shader will be this rainbow color-coded thing, are there any plans for it to be customizable, beyond "on/off"? After seeing the few screenshots, I would be interested in trying out the new one for loot, but the blue-tint for NPCs is completely unnecessary, and I'd wager it would most likely be the same for other objects. By customizable, I was thinking something like: Use color coded frob shader for Everything [ ] Loot [ X ] NPCs [ ] Random Objects [ ] I suppose one could have more versions of the shader, so the player might get to choose from the current one, something in between (like stronger white outline for everything) and the extreme version with the color coding.
  25. Just fyi, this particular user you're responding to doesn't seem to be much interested in what I would call constructive criticism, so I wouldn't sweat it. See below comment of his on another mission. Other than that, as I've mentioned elsewhere, I definitely have a lot of respect for any mapper that releases anything. I say that as an expert mapper that is halfway through the beginner tutorial.
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