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  1. I see, I did almost ask if there was some forum event that happened in the past. Considering there will be a vocal minority to defend almost anything, it doesn't particularly surprise me. I would imagine a majority of TDM players don't visit the forums, though. Btw, it wasn't Bikerdude was it? I've only recently started following this forum with any regularity, so I'm not very familiar with most anything, but I do remember reading old threads about drama of years past. As for the unreleased mission bit, I did notice the posts in the beta testing forum. Could be just a bored player, without any malicious intent, albeit not exactly tactful. A leeching mapper is another story, but there seems to be a precedent for shutting that down at least.
  2. Interesting. That said, surely it's up to the team to enforce this if it's undesirable, instead of thinking the players "don't give crap". Why would anyone downloading TDM missions even think about meta drama like this.
  3. I'm also curious, has anything like this ever once veritably happened, or is it all anecdotes and "could-be" scenarios?
  4. AI doing weird shit is the best. Have to replay this at some point and hopefully witness whatever does happen.
  5. Was the original Prey actually popular enough for that to have been a realistic scenario? I would imagine the game flopping more because nobody knew it even existed. At least personally, I properly learned about it quite after the fact. That said, it is odd they used the Prey title at all, since it's not like it was meant to be a reboot or have any connection whatsoever, as far as I'm aware.
  6. What you mean, they obviously called it Prey to cash in on the Prey 2006 money. /s Prey 2017 was awesome though. Certainly makes it matter less if we never get SS3 from Night Dive or anybody else.
  7. Oh yeah, there was the whorehouse. I have a vague memory of the last cutscene, and one peephole. In the game's defense, and somewhat contradicting my own point, playing through anything only once makes it harder to retain information in the long run. And it's been half a decade now. Should've just called it "Robber", starring Gary the criminal.
  8. I wish the swoop was an actual ripoff, and not the sorry excuse we got instead. I really hate how you can't even jump in the game. As for the animations, in a post I wrote about the game on another forum back when I finished it, I pondered how much of the 32 hours was spent either on loading screens, or squeezing through narrow spots or opening windows and hatches. It got kind of tiring watching those over and over, realism be damned. Had to go and fish my own post from back in the day, my abridged thoughts on the game are in the spoiler.
  9. I don't have a whole lot of reverence for either side, so I don't particularly mind stuff being either modernized or having old school traits. For example, I think the GMDX mod for the original Deus Ex makes the game better. If nothing else, just the act of not having to activate every damn augmentation separately makes it so much less clunky. On the flipside, when I played Prey 2017, I happily accepted all the optional modifiers, such as weapon degradation, for that extra challenge. I guess you could call those old school features. In Thief 2014's case, it just removed almost all the fun I had come to associate with Thief games, and replaced it with pretty much nothing worth mentioning. Like Deadly Shadows, I enjoyed them further explore the atmospheric city hub design, but the main campaign missions are just so poor. Out of the original campaigns, it's my most recently played, and I don't remember anything about it, other than the Cradle ripoff.
  10. Don't know what this thread is even about anymore, but since we're on the topic of bashing Thief 2014, I'll just add that I more or less agree with STiFU and New Horizon. I don't remember the game well enough to say one thing or another about the AI or the sound, but as a game bearing the Thief-title, it was pretty miserable. It's like they took the success of Human Revolution as a sign that they should just re-skin it as a Thief game and call it a day. Almost like they never played the original trilogy. I think TotalBiscuit wrote something along the lines of "I enjoyed it, but it's not really for the fans of the series", which sounds about right. Had I never played the other games, I may have enjoyed it much more. I had my qualms with Deadly Shadows, such as the technical issues, loading screens, and some design stuff, but I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than 2014. It is a shame, since I loved Human Revolution, close to my favorite game ever, and it had to live up to the legendary original as well. Worth mentioning I played Human Revolution first, so who knows what my opinion would be if it were the other way around. I'm a much newer fan of these two series, I played them around 2012-2014, so not exactly an old school fan yearning for the "good old days".
  11. Well that was creative. The ambient music was cool, although I'm not sure it was always appropriate. As for some objectives. I didn't read the whole thread again, but I may have discovered a bug. Very enjoyable mission, with some really novel ideas, which is always great to see after having played all the others. Good job.
  12. Finished this one last night. Went with Ghost, despite the no-knockouts, since I figured it would be a very small mission. Which it was, but as mentioned, potentially quite tricky. I loved the verticality, and the fact that it was super easy to climb your way up to the top floor, and then drop back down. Especially since I ended up needing more running back and forth than I would've ever imagined, and I couldn't be bothered to be very sneaky about it. As far as loot goes Other than that Obviously not a long mission, but for a first effort it's a decent one. Considering the ease of movement, you could even make it actually require ghosting, so that people like me don't just make mockery out of stealth, but that's neither here nor there. Good job in any case.
  13. Thanks, other newcomers will definitely appreciate it, especially if they're as blind as I am. Btw, you quoted a different passage from my post than you commented on. I would actually like to hear about that part as well, if I just found a strange bug.
  14. Well okay, from The Painter's Wife to this thing. Disclaimer, I haven't read through this thread, so I may end up repeating stuff that has been brought up. First of all, this took me 6 hours to finish, which makes it the longest single TDM mission from my recollection. And as I love the longer ones, I'm more than happy about it. That said, it's definitely atypical. Whereas The Painter's Wife is extremely large, it does it in a very Thiefy-style; just an open ended environment to run around in. The Lost Citadel feels more akin to a Deus Ex mission, or I suppose Thief 4, where you move from area to area by completing objectives. While this was a big issue I had with Thief 4, that it was as if they hadn't played a Thief game at all and just reskinned Human Revolution, I'm very open to having different looks sprinkled in TDM. If I remember correctly, the first Hidden Hands mission was somewhat similar as well. Not to mention, at least in each area, you get to do a fair amount of running around, so it's not exactly a linear hallway to run through. It also helps that the different areas are so, well, different. The first building, the lake/the compound and the citadel all have their own flavor. Almost like a new mission in each area. Considering the amount of detail, I can only imagine the workload. While I enjoyed it having plethora of objectives, I almost got frustrated with the loot quota. I played on expert and finished with 4420/5000, 4400 being the objective. And that was after spending like an hour running around trying to find the last pieces. I'm not opposed to mandatory loot quotas, quite the opposite, but there is a certain danger when the mission area is not only this large, but when the design inhibits fast access around the map. Thankfully I managed it on a one-way trip and I honestly cannot imagine where the rest of the loot may have been hidden. Not to mention, 800 loot on one loot object that wasn't even tied to an objective? That's just crazy. At least it wasn't too hidden. Audio was probably the biggest pain point I had. For reference, up to this point, I played every TDM mission with the "Ambient" sound slider at 100%. This mission forced me to lower it to around 40% and the music was still too loud at times. On the flipside, the dialogue, the player character in particular, was way too quiet and often drowned by the background music. Other than the mixing, the music itself was wildly inappropriate on two notable occasions, those being The first one is not only incredibly annoying, and the mixing issue only makes it worse, but also made little sense, since it's not like anything was happening. The latter was just hilariously out of place; believe me, as a hobbyist musician, I love it when map makers add flair by inserting non-stock sound elements, but that was very immersion-breaking. The mission is also not without bugs (is any?). For starters, I'm not sure if it was intentional or just something wrong on my end, but the the roof on the very first building had all sorts of collision issues. I couldn't vault on to anything, and if I did jump onto one of those white box things for example, I couldn't properly jump while on top of them; jumping would lift me a little bit in the air and I would be stuck in an aerial glide until I got far enough away from the box. Same occurred on similar boxes on the ground level, right side of the building, where the spider bot patrols. Not a huge deal, but while trying to explore high and low, it got a little annoying. Second is related to an objective. I may have just gotten incredibly lucky Some miscellaneous possibly spoilery stuff This is just a note on game-mechanics, but I did not realize until after I was done with everything that I could break the security cameras and the spider bots with just my sword. Would've relieved a little bit of pressure had I known that earlier, lol. I quite enjoyed the cams too, since you barely see anybody ever use them. While I did bring up a fair amount of negatives, I must reiterate that I did have fun. It's a giant mission with a really strong plot, lot of objectives, puzzles, and it's little different in design to typical TDM missions. While some of the more annoying aspects sapped some enjoyment out of it, I still commend the massive effort putting something like this together must've taken. It's not perfect, and I would be tempted to change some stuff for it to be more to my liking, but I would still recommend it to just about everybody. Good job again, I look forward to future missions. PS. I realize there is a separate thread for walkthroughs and longer-form reviews, so feel free to move this if you feel these should go there instead. It's more natural for me to write in the mission-specific threads, but if you have rules or want to keep these for hints/support/whatnot then by all means.
  15. Well, what a banger this turned out to be. After like a month and maybe 5 hours I'm done. Terms like daunting and labyrinthine don't quite make it justice, it's just insane. On the performance-side of things, my only issue is the initial load of the mission after a reboot, which takes forever (and TDM missions are real slow to load as is, so one can only imagine). Other than that, no crashes, no framerate issues, nothing. Again, I can only lament the unnecessary knock-out limit on expert, but at least the city is so massive and maneuverable that in theory you should probably get out of harm's way pretty easily. That said, the massiveness comes with a price, that being environmental instability; walls without collision, floors that are apparently sinkholes and random invisible walls blocking some vital pathways. After my initial finishing of the mission, I was really getting angry trying to make my way to the end location, since I was getting manhandled by broken physics. Didn't help that the mission's definition of "west" wasn't exactly what I imagined. I later (as in yesterday and today) came back after reading this thread, since I had missed some secretive stuff. Honestly, I don't think I would've ever found what I had missed on my own. Those included So all in all, it definitely has some flaws, but given its size and scope, it's almost a miracle it doesn't completely crumble under its own weight. I don't blame people who find it overwhelming and are turned off because of it, but I think TDM definitely needed something bonkers like this. I tend to enjoy very large missions, and while this was starting to push my patience, it's still a great achievement that the creators should be very proud of.
  16. This is certainly cool. Historically, I just played every mission and will continue to, but when revisiting, it could make the process of choosing what to play a bit easier. I have a couple of notes that came to mind: I'm not sure how I feel about showing the monster categories in plain sight as they are currently. It's certainly invaluable for filtering and as general information, but if it's not immediately obvious that the mission does have those elements, it may be a bit of a spoiler for a first-timer. Say, there is a big twist where the undead appear or something. If it's meant to be installed as a desktop application, I would love if it could go a bit beyond its current functionality and add two aspects that Thief 2's FMSel fan mission manager app uses, those being rating and notes. Rating would be a good filtering option and it's the easiest way to show what I did and didn't enjoy. Notes would let the player write whatever they want about the mission; in Thief 2, I tend to write some thoughts after completion, both as a mini-review and if there is something in particular I should remember in the future, like if the mission is hot-garbage or has performance issues or massive bugs or whatever. Anyway, I realize if #2 in particular is way off-mark for what this is intended to do. It's just something that I've always wished TDM would have.
  17. You know, as soon as I wrote the contrary I started doubting myself, because I'm not sure I actually ever even tried it in TDM. Just assumed it. But thanks for the info, have to give it a shot the next time the opportunity arrives.
  18. Definitely one of my favorite TDM missions. Very creative, hugely atmospheric and there's a lot to do. I'd probably have more to say if it were fresher in my memory. Already played it twice and most certainly will return to it in the future.
  19. I hate them, because fighting them is impossible. Which wasn't as big of a deal in this mission, but in others, like Alberic's Curse, I had to use cheese strats, like barricading a doorway with knee-high object, leading every revenant to the doorstep and then killing each one with a speed of one hit per hour or something. They block like crazy, I suck at it and holy water is useless. That's one thing that kind of gets to me whenever I jump back to TDM from Thief 2 fan missions, how much more difficult most everything is in TDM. No running up to guards or one-shot backstabbing haunts. At least you can kill zombies with a sword. Not that I'm complaining necessarily, since Thief 2 is ridiculously easy, but it's always something to readjust to. Really wish that Thief 2 had a reliable light-source to carry around, though. Some fan-missions are way too dark for their own good and having to gamma-cheat kind of takes me out of it.
  20. I actually tried burning the deed at one point, since I had carried it around for so long without finding the objective. I figured there must be one, just couldn't find the place. As far bread loaves, I found that one like 5 minutes in, so hadn't come across any bread at that point. Therefore, no confusion on my part. Also about the side objectives:
  21. Quite enjoyed this one. I tend to be a fan of the really large and sprawling city missions (haven't played Painter's Wife yet, excited), but at least with a smaller one like this, you don't get that overwhelming feeling of being a rat in a maze. Especially when the layout is as well designed as this one; not a whole lot of long-distance running required, to get from place to place. My only real gripe is the arbitrary knockout limit on the highest difficulty; I really don't like these in general, because there is typically very little sense for them to exist, as far as the narrative goes. Take the city watch mission from Thief 2 as a comparison; you were prohibited from knocking out anybody at all, but at least that was well reasoned in the context of the story. In TDM, like this mission, it's more or less the opposite. "Don't cause too much ruckus" is hardly a compelling argument, when I can book it through town with 15 guards running after me. Considering that we're presumably stuck with three difficulty settings, I would either have the mission designed completely for ghosting (story and all), or leave the "X number of knockouts" as an optional objective. Or I suppose if it's a 10-minute speed-build mission, like Springheel's "A Matter of Hours", then by all means. I suppose the fair question to ask is, why not just pick a lower difficulty? Which I almost did, but I like to try and finish all of these on the highest one, regardless of the limitations imposed. But after having spent my allotted 4 knockouts and having quite a lot to do still, I lost all patience and resorted to the age-old strategy: Other than that, enjoyed having the side-missions return, although I had to read this topic to find two of them. Finally, special mention to the new textures and whatnot in the palace, really great looking stuff. All in all, well done job again Bienie.
  22. Cool mission, took me roughly 75 minutes or so (1h 44m according to the timer, but I was fucking around afk for a bit). I was expecting something more run-of-the-mill, but it definitely had some unique touches to it. The watery area being one of them, reminded me of damn Amnesia a little bit. I also particularly enjoyed how most all of the lights in the hallways had a switch attached; it feels like it's maybe getting more common, but it always irks me a little to have these kinds of electric lights that cannot be interacted with. I understand the gameplay implications, but as in this mission, can just have the AI turn them back on. Since others have mentioned them, I found two of the five secrets. I can't really be bothered to look for them specifically, so it's just whatever I stumble across. In fact, I was pretty much done with all the objectives before I found the first one. All in all, a very enjoyable mission. Certainly looking forward to playing more from you.
  23. @Geep You are correct that it would likely be confusing for a player to suddenly be unable to do anything and then quickly have to figure out what's wrong. Suppose you could throw a big "Watch out moron, you're carrying too much stuff and drowning!" message on the screen, but I doubt many would be happy with that either. And it's not like I have the technical solutions at hand myself either, as I've only ever played TDM. I haven't personally given up on any mission (I've played all of them), there just hasn't been a compelling enough reason to do so in the TDM catalogue.
  24. The most fun thing about this mission was As for this mission failing objective, I agree with joebarnin in terms of its implementation. Have them weigh you down and if you act quickly you can save yourself. I did fall into the trap my first time getting to that part, but I realized immediately what I had done wrong. And since I tend to save like a crazy person, it was what, a 5 second revert? So while, as it currently is, it's more than likely (a little) frustrating, I don't think it's worth losing your mind over. Other than that, certainly for a first mission, it's a decent one. Short, and I really would've liked to have something there in regards to what I wrote in my spoiler, but at least it's a little different.
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