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  1. The idea is to focus exclusively on TDM, since this is meant to be a TDM resource/asset, and not an independent website. If, in the future, adding Thief fan missions becomes a very real request, this is something that can of course be discussed.
  2. Thanks everyone for reviewing the application and for sharing all of that feedback. @Amadeus I agree with the header. I've made its font bigger, so hopefully it looks better now @roygato @Amadeus @stgatilov I also agree with the problem of spoiling the presence of monsters. I just pushed an update so that this is not shown right away; a "Click to show" button is now there instead. If a filter for a certain monster category is in use though, the spoiler will be visible right away for that category.
  3. Hi, v1.0 of this is ready! More info here: .
  4. Since my first map might take a while to be finished (a few years at least), I developed TDMDB in the meantime, a database application that allows to more easily view and filter all available missions, simplifying the process of finding missions that are suited to one's taste. You can just go ahead and check it out here: tdmdb.com/missions. It's on a very limited shared server, so don't expect blazing speeds, although loading times appear to be reasonable enough. You can use the application to, for example, find all city missions that are also part of a series, and have them sorted b
  5. Thanks! Yes, I use uncapped FPS mode. Were you able to reproduce this issue only when using uncapped FPS mode?
  6. Hi! I decided to undertake this project, and wanted to show a little bit of what I have so far. Here's a quick video of the app in use: https://streamable.com/2mbs0w. You may notice that I decided to go for something a bit more appealing to the eye than the original tables I proposed. This also results in a mobile-friendly application (this way, people can search for their next mission while chilling on the sofa). I'm satisfied with how it looks, but I could be wrong, hence any feedback is welcome. I retrieved all data so far by scraping thedarkmod.com and the wiki with a couple
  7. Description of the problem: after spending a couple hours on a mission, sometimes doors get broken. They cannot be opened anymore, and the AI cannot open them either. AIs get stuck next to doors, making the mission unplayable. I don't know what triggers it exactly, but here you can download a savegame suffering from the issue (in CoS2: A Precarious Position). As soon as you load it, you should have a "broken door" in front of you. It's impossible to exit the room in which you are without resorting to noclip. Other doors in the mission are also broken, such as the door in the bakery leadin
  8. Thanks for the replies! I'm thinking that in order to keep it simple, at first we wouldn't allow users to provide subjective opinions directly, mainly to avoid the issues mentioned above, such as spamming or demoralizing opinions, but I agree that at some point down the road, if this works well, this may evolve into what you are thinking. One thing that the system could do though is scrape forum threads for information about particular missions. For example, there are many threads asking people what are their top missions; the system could add some kind of tag to missions appearin
  9. Let's say that you want to play a city mission with snow, at night, medium-sized and without undead. You add those filters and get a list of missions matching them, as in the attached image. It's just a rough sketch, but hopefully it portrays the idea I have in mind! More data and filters could be added, but the idea in any case is that players (especially new ones) have an easier time finding missions suited to their taste. The "mission finder" would be a web application, which could be placed either on a new domain or a subdomain of thedarkmod.com. I have plenty of experience
  10. Another workaround for this (which could also help identifying the cause of the bug), is to close and reopen DarkRadiant before duplicating scaled models.
  11. Thanks! I agree, it's beautiful! While playing your mission I found myself getting back to the inn's tavern often, and risking getting caught just to listen to it from as close to the musician as possible
  12. I cannot reproduce it reliably, I just tried and was unable to do so. I will save the next time I run into the bug though, with the book "stuck", and update this thread.
  13. In the mission "Snowed Inn" (amazing, beautiful mission btw), there's a tavern where a musician is playing live. What's the name of that song? Is it in DarkRadiant? Is it in YouTube maybe so I can listen to it?
  14. Hey, first of all thanks for all of your work! I'm having a blast with The Dark Mod and with learning DarkRadiant (I'm truly enjoying your Speed Build challenge by the way). I agree that penalty might not be the most appropriate word. What I meant was that the current stealth score is something that is supposed to be minimized. The breakdown of the score is actually a set of penalty points applied to different situations in which the AI was alerted, so this score is more like an "AI alerted points" (again, not the perfect words, but it's along those lines) than an actual stealth scor
  15. Any thoughts about this? It's really not a score, but a penalty. It would be much nicer (and less confusing for new players) to see at the end: Stealth penalty: 0 Maybe "penalty" is not exactly the right word though, but it seems that something like that would fit much better with what that number actually means. Thoughts?
  16. I took a screenshot and marked the position where the guard got stuck walking in circles, you can see it here: https://imgur.com/a/0qu8G6v. The door is irrelevant I think, I just opened a door in order to distract him so he'd stop walking in circles.
  17. This is a bug I run into often. When reading a book with multiple pages, sometimes the pages become blank, and the book cannot be closed anymore. It looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/kAahZZe.
  18. I was actually playing WS5 (amazing series by the way, looking forward to WS6!). A guard had gotten stuck at the top of the stairs that lead to the security office, walking in circles. I solved it by opening the door of a manager office, so when he saw the door open he went to investigate, and then his path got fixed. This is a problem that I've noticed in other missions too (not in the WS series, but in others), it's rare like demagogue said, but it happens. It's hard to reproduce too, although I've seen it happen in other stairs (for example, in the ship of Perilous Refuge, I had
  19. Sometimes the AI gets stuck. For example, a guard may be treadmilling on a specific point, or walking around a small circle. Is there some kind of console command to solve that issue, at least while playing? Maybe a console command to reset AI paths, or relocate the one that is stuck so they can continue their patrol?
  20. Added to my bucket list. Thanks!
  21. I'm scared just by looking at the pictures I will definitely play it soon! Thanks!
  22. Thank you for the great work you put in the atmosphere of your missions! Looking forward to Shadows of Northdale Act 3 I will also check out those you listed; after I finish my second playthrough of AC1 of course
  23. Hi, I played The Accountant 1: Thieves and Heirs recently, and I really enjoyed the rainy atmosphere. It's very well done and I found myself starting at the window in the middle of the mission many times, just enjoying the rain. If you love rain like I do, do yourself a favor and play this mission! So, now, to my question: what are other missions where it rains throughout the entire mission? I tried a search but came up with nothing. Thanks
  24. The things she does in her videos can be done in restaurants in South Korea, so you are unlikely to succeed in your attempts. She also has more than 3 million subscribers, so it's very likely that YouTube is aware of her already.
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