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  1. Perhaps we should delete this whole conversation because while I appreciate you guys wanting to help me, like I said twice, I did find it in the end and finished the mission. I mentioned it took me a really long time because it made the mission kind of tedious and less enjoyable and I'm interested to know if there was a readable somewhere saying where to look for the mechanism that I missed (or even what to look for) or if the players are supposed to find it on their own. For me personally an ingame hint telling me what to look for would make the mission more enjoyable, but I'm not discou
  2. Again, not the problem, also like I said I already finished the mission. The problem I had was finding where to input the code, the actual mechanism, not what the code number was.
  3. Yes. Right, must have missed that. Perhaps it would be better to not use generic names like "safe key" so that the player knows what keys they do or do not have without having to try all of them (I think that all the other keys were named well).
  4. Finally finished this, a nice mission, but I've got to admit one thing - I couldn't for the love of god find Everything else was fine, but even after looking at it several times I didn't notice it and since there are various different openable compartments around, I didn't even frob it by accident. I was sure I must have missed something so I searched through the city several times and the mission became quite tedious after that as a result. Was there a readable hint somewhere telling me what to look for? Other than that the idea and the execution are good, but I felt lost (and no
  5. Found a couple smaller issues so far. Firstly it's possible to get stuck behind furniture immediately in the beginning: The newspaper also deserves a small fix, the second headline about the mayor is too long and looks obviously out of place.
  6. I just finished playing all five William Steele missions and I've got to say, what a brilliant series. One of the few things I'm missing in TDM is an overarching story like in Thief games, so playing these missions back to back was a treat. Although the story is smaller in scope and not as strong as in T1/T2, it's obvious that a great deal of effort was put into it, there's a crapton of readables that are interesting and yet not too long and I love how one continuous story brings us to such different places. I especially enjoyed WS2 because I just like rooftopping and verticality,
  7. Apart from the aliased text which has hopefully been fixed for next versions, and which I started seeing again i 2.08 after seeing it a couple times in 2.07 and then never again, I also encountered a couple black objects. Both screenshots are from Northdale part 2, first one is from the path to city watch station, second one is from inside the station. If I recall correctly, the round lamp was already fixed during the betatesting, but apparently only for the turned on state (or maybe it was a similar looking but different model). It looks fine when turned on and emitting light, but
  8. Firstly because it's lesser known and therefore more unique to the game and secondly because it's a fictional world inspired by history, not a historical setting. Abstract art started in the victorian era. But I'm not pushing it, just answering why I thought it might be a good idea.
  9. What the title says - I thought it might be interesting to use actual contemporary art pieces from living artists in the game as some important loot. The reason is mainly that I very much value games with attention to details that you don't notice at first, making them even cooler when you do. Using actual art pieces that are unique and have some value is one of those things from my point of view. I realize this idea will be all about what fits the games setting and what does not. I'm not able to properly judge it as I haven't been around for long, but since it's not really a historical g
  10. Right, I mentioned that above, this is not a final lowpoly version, I will reduce the polycount and possibly make a shadow mesh, same with adding doors. It also has 4k textures right now. I wanted to get it working as is first so that I know that my workflow is correct and I can test it in game. Could you upload a zip of the test mission with model that you used so that I can try it here please?
  11. Thanks a lot, getting closer to creating correct materials. Unfortunately, this was not the cause for the object not loading in game, it still does not work.
  12. Thank you! That helped me understand it better. The model now works correctly in DarkRadiant both as .ase and as .lwo. But it does not load in an actual level (the suffix is in lowercase). The console in dmap just says that it couldn't load the model and the game shows a black cube. I used the newer .lwo and .ase export plugins for Blender. No idea what it could be this time, so I uploaded the model and materials to dropbox if anybody wants to take a look: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jub4fqs36nw9af5/gothcab_darkmod.zip?dl=0 Note that this is not a final model, I will reduce
  13. Okay. Changing all textures to .tga worked, now they all get loaded correctly in DarkRadiant, the object looks fine in light preview. But when testing in game, dmap says that it couldn't load the file GothicCabinet_01.ase, that's why there's only a black box. This is, again, interesting, because I was already able to load the model once, although without a material, and I don't think that I changed anything but the material settings in the .ase file. Too bad dmap isn't more detailed about why it canot load. I'll probably try to export it to .lwo, tried .ase first because it seem
  14. Good, I made progress, but there are still some problems. It's still a bit confusing for me what's just the material name and what's the full texture path, but it works so far. I had to change \ to / in the model file, backslash works with builtin textures, but for some reason not with custom ones. However. Now the model looks okay and loads the _ed texture in DarkRadiant fullbright preview. As soon as I switch to lighting preview , I get blue checkerboard textures again. And in game the model does not even load - I get a small black cube instead. edit: right, DarkRadiant
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