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  1. You are honestly just looking to argue with people, aren´t you? I will simply ignore you in the future. Have a nice life, man.
  2. Is it really so hard to understand lfm as looking for mission...? Also, the architecture in The Sword mission in the game Thief made by "Looking Glass Studios" pays homage to Alice in Wonderland aka "Through the Looking Glass".
  3. It looks pretty good. I like the way fog of war seems to work here, judging from the gif. Easiest ways to mess it up would be bad AI or bad controls.
  4. Pretty sure that´s true for William Steele series, I remember a guard going one way, me reloading for whatever reason and the same guard using another path upon reloading.
  5. Lockpick difficulty isn´t anything the mapper can influence, it´s under gameplay -> difficulty But I see the idea gets no love, I concede, I concede
  6. I loved this one, a must play for everyone who likes exploration and free-play as opposed to being tightly guided by objectives. Worth playing just to see the architecture and design ideas, which are stunning in most places. Played this more like an assassin, having epic sword fights with the guards in those amazing looking places. Things I would never have found on my own: Some questions that stayed open: Some screens I took: https://imgur.com/a/DMl56nN Could have taken 50 more, the mansion is so beautiful you are hard-pressed not to press F12 every 30 seconds!
  7. I find it weird to think about it as "punishing players", it´s a risk-reward element, think hiding in the dark in Amnesia. Or just "can I pick this entire room clean before the guard returns or do I only do half of it and return to the shadows". Similarly "can I get away with picking this in the light before a guard sees me" would be a risk-reward element, a moment of additional tension. As for the realism of it, I would think lockpicks use visual feedback to some degree. At least you can see at what angle and how far the pick got in when you "almost had it", for example. However I´ve nev
  8. I just had a little idea but now clue if it´s possible, dynamic lock picking difficulty based on light level. Full light (lantern on or very bright room) -> normal Twilight -> hard Complete darkness -> expert
  9. The setting of this one was right up my alley, Sweet, sweet revenge
  10. Another great mission. Not a big fan of the sewer section (I rarely am a fan of sewer sections ), but the prison was fun. Finished it with 5600 gold, not sure where I would even begin to look for more. Is the Also it was adorable how the guards loved their little carousel, didn´t even notice me so much did they enjoy themselves!
  11. They sure were, Ronald. They sure were. Another highly enjoyable mission. I was amazed to find I only got 6300 out of 8300 gold, must have missed more than I thought in those street mazes, even though I got to places no mere mortal was meant to reach! My favourite part was the guard station,
  12. I give up, how do I get into the catacombs? EDIT: I watched a speedrun on YT and saw it. I even tried interacting with those things but I guess I missed the only relevant one. Finished it with 5295 gold and both objectives. A great mission, I got away with reloading only a couple times even though I was chased more than once by guards, however the level allowed me to get away and hide every time, which is a huge plus for me. Interesting lore and great level design. I´m also impressed that there´s an additional ending sequence if you do the optional obj, very cool. Regardi
  13. On a completely unrelated topic, a music volume slider would be great. The music is sometimes really getting on my nerves a bit and too loud compared to other sounds, but I can only regulate it with the SFX slider which also governs pretty much everything else it seems.
  14. Just looked at the wiki page for Ivan Aivazovsky. Seen some of them before but never had a name. Incredible stuff. And thanks for the script, works perfectly. If you use smth like Wallpaper Engine you can just capture a mp4 with shadowplay and use it as desktop background. Looks really cool. The transition isn´t perfect yet though. https://streamable.com/r91fqw
  15. I think you misunderstood, I already finished the mission, the only thing I could not do was interact with the dowry. So I just wanted to know what happens when you do interact with it.
  16. What a wild ride! Gorgeous locations, with the mansion and the final ship(with the storm raging outside!) standing out for me, and an interesting story arc. Did not expect that when I went in. The first final mission screen with the ship in the ice looks so nice I tried making an animated WP out of it (didn´t work out cause of the screen shake though). And I wonder if one could make a city mission with that horse drawn carriage driving around the streets? Also, something has to be said for NPCs with spectacles, knocking them out looks hilarious! https://streamable.com/lfdqi3
  17. Does anything special happen when you find it? I updated the mission but now my saves won´t load and I don´t want to start from the beginning, seeing as I finished the mission with the objective unchecked already.
  18. Hmm yes, seems strange that it´s completely black though seeing as I was pretty close to a light source. Think the game is a bit generous here. Guess it´s a matter of taste, I just find those close-encounters without being seen kinda... cheesy? I don´t know the right word, just takes me out of the game a bit when it happens.
  19. Absolutely loved this one, pretty much exactly what I´m looking for in a Thief mission. Great setting, lots of "side-action", well-written lore, fantastic decoration, great sound effects. I cannot stress enough how good this map both looks and sounds. Easily one of the best mod-missions I´ve ever played. And the One slight problem: Some minor nitpicking: I would have preferred most NPCs being neutral or going into fleeing mode when seeing you instead of everyone rushing you like a madman. The hooded thugs aka the competition would have been enough as enemy-types on the docks
  20. Yeah this clip I posted as Accountant2 feedback shows it: https://streamable.com/u62fix Gamma is set a tad bit high here, but it still does a decent job showcasing it
  21. EDIT: Found it, did not even think about interacting that way there when I went past it first. Where is the cellar entrance? All the stairways I found just end in shallow water with dead ends and one pipe that leads me to the kitchen? Feel like I´ve been to places I shouldn´t even be yet but just can´t find that entrance
  22. I wish the AI would react to someone opening a door right next to them. As it is a guard can stand directly next to a door, you open it, see the guard, think "nope" and close it again. One of the recurring situations that make suspension of disbelief quite hard at times. Also, with the guard view set to "challenging", they can come very close to you without seeing you even when you are not in full shadows. When the guard could stretch out his arm and touch me and I´m not in full shadows they should see me, however I will try "hardcore" and see if that makes it better.
  23. A couple months after playing part 1 I now finished part 2. I loved the atmosphere, decoration and story. Voice acting was great. The "ending" took me by surprise and I highly enjoyed this little addendum. Overall, if part 3 existed I´d start playing right away! If there´s one thing I would criticize it is the level design from a gameplay perspective. You have those really claustrophobic places with very short, overlapping guard routes. When I played Thief 2, for example, I tried to not do the whole quicksave/quickload dance and instead live with the consequences, which w
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