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  1. Can't say I disagree, but I'm a bit of a daydreamer and I enjoy just using my imagination and coming up with fun ideas even when I know they won't ever happen.
  2. In this hypothetical scenario Embraces Group puts you in charge of the creative team in charge of creating a new Thief game. You don't have to do any coding or any of the complicated boring bits and what you say goes. What would the games plot be? Would it be a sequel? prequel? reboot or maybe something else? What new features would be in the game that we haven't seen before in Thief or The Dark Mod? Can't think of any more question right now but I'm sure you'll have your own interesting ideas beyond anything I've asked.
  3. How do you get out the first area? Been to the pub and secret potion place in the window ledge. Got the Inn Key and the watchtower key, neither of which work on that one door near one of the railings, and I can't pick it either. Spent the last half hour or so just running round in circles getting nowhere. Where do I go?
  4. Alternatively just use a synonym of Thief that hasn't been used yet for the name of a Thief inspired game.
  5. From the looks of it, a lot of modern games involve running around different arenas where 500 alien robots are firing machine guns from every direction, also everything explodes every 5 seconds and everything’s on fire and the MC can fly in midair Matrix style and runs and bounces round at 200mph and has more weaponry than an entire army and sprays the walls with bullets as 94 monster trucks do back flips and explode and if you die you have to start all over again because you can’t save where you want because reasons. Then you cut to a melodramatic cut scene because the main character is also in a soap opera.
  6. For some reason copying and pasting the files from Documents to Downloads fixed it.
  7. When I try to install missions nothing happens even when the game resets (which is doesn't seem to do auto anymore).
  8. Inspired by Thief and the Dark Mod, I've bought myself a real life set of lockpicks and a practice transparent padlock from Amazon. Of course I don't plan on doing anything illegal, but I figured it might be a fun new skill and hobby just for fun. Anyone else had experience with lockpicking before aside from in video games?
  9. I’m glad to see people are still doing DM missions: Painters Wife is pretty impressive so far, although I'm pretty lost and got no clue where to go really.
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