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  1. I haven't done Down & Out yet... Tried "Noble House" with 2.10 first. Seriously liked the effects
  2. I'm In!! Got 2.10 & Win 11 now It seems to all be working fine now (In FLORIDA) I'm so Happy to be HOME!!! Played a 2.10 game now, but gonna move the pc to another room and a bigger screen. I'm definetly in!!
  3. Acolytesix

    Hey guys

    I've decided Not to upgrade my old Nvidia desktop. My GTX-260 broke before I left for Sweden 2.5 years ago, thought I'd fix it when I got home, but now that video card costs over $250 "Used" on Amazon & I don't ever buy used stuff, especially with moving parts. Besides if I do, I think something else will end up breaking. That whole thing cost over $8,000 to build back in 2008. Too old! My mom's new desktop Acer Aspire seems to work just fine with TDM & other game apps, as long as Nvidia is onboard When will the final release of 2.10 arrive? Waiting anxiously on beta testing & just playing at all. I want to build my 1st FM, but I want the right version 1st. Will Dark Radiant be updated as well?
  4. It's alright, but the nightmare continues Moms Acer keeps shutting down while running YouTube premium. Every song! She went to Geek squad & now that the subscription has expired it's infected with something! That always happens when you don't pay more. I don't get it. Xfinity has the software for FREE & yet... Norton & something called Weber. I'm gonna have to wipe the whole thing & her laptop too. It's doing the same thing. Too bad Apple won't run *.exe files
  5. When will the 2.10 final release be available anyway?
  6. So, I'm back in Florida. Lost my iPhone in Poland, so I couldn't access anything over here without it. Stupid activation codes! Anyway, My Evga graphics card on my nVidia PC broke, so that's dead. Instead I downloaded TDM onto my mom's Acer desktop & that actually worked, so now I'm ready to test again, but NO 2.10's. I don't dare screw up her machine over here too. It's the only one I got that can handle TDM 2.09 & the rest of my life for now. Can't afford a $300-600 dollar Evga card right now. The trip was a nightmare without the phone. Had to stay at a hotel in Poland over a week, since I lost the digital PCR test as well. New plane tickets & all that. Everything 2.09 I will do until the release of 2.10 Hope to hear from ya
  7. Ok, back in Florida. My Evga graphics card is broke on my Nvidia PC, so I downloaded TDM to my moms Acer Desktop & that actually works, so now I'm ready to test again
  8. Of course I am, but give me 2 days to return to Florida & do some updates & upgrades on the pc itself, Just send me the link while I'm away & I'll be there Jet-lag should be fun...
  9. Luckily I copied everything Thief to a whole other HDD, so no foul on the 2.09 version. That still works on that drive. You're beta can't be played on the 2.09 at all?
  10. Yeah, now none of them work anymore...buhu... Did a clean install on both. Not worried, only got a few more days before I head home to Florida. Will deal with TDM then I guess. Found this old 2016 HP Elitebook 6930p with the dreaded ati video card in it. T2 barely works in it & TDM is just a dark screen. Strange my HP's with nVidia from 2001 & 2004(wide scr) worked great with both. Was gonna bring it, but now I just see a weight issue. I'm gonna leave it behind I think. Was gonna build a TDM map on the plane, but I can't get that to work at all. Sooo, I'm playing the latest 3 FMs for T2 TMA on mom's pc anyway. Anyway, got rid of over 31 Gb of stuff my mom won't need on her pc the next 1.5 years at least till next time...
  11. Got the link for your Beta, now do you have the link(s) to install v2.10beta without the game installer? Never done it. Should I have a whole seperate drive for that?
  12. Only the TDM game files were a whopping 20.6 Gb. Haven't even looked at T2 yet lol & EDIT** the collected T2 FM files were at 10.8 Gb... wow, been busy... lots of space now deleted.
  13. Yeah ok, let's do this ;) 

  14. Yeah ok. It was just easier with the updater before. So will this update on its own as well when I click that link? I really should remove all the old 2.09 saves anyway. Mom will get so much more space back on her desktop I'm all for the beta versions. Never tried the game itself & a beta FM together though, What can go wrong? But why not. I'll go remove all those files since July 2019 for now What time zone are you in?
  15. Oh, reading along there. Do I need the 2.10 version for this one as well?
  16. Hey guys, I just got my digital life back after 5 weeks, can you point the way to that contest? Wasn't it a Christmas contest? How many entered? The latest 3 I've played aren't very Christmasy. I was voting more Halloween & cold Novembery...
  17. I'll be happy to test after 5 weeks of internet & PC Ciesta & then 1 week of Fiesta Going home to Florida next week after getting my booster this last wednesday. Finally after 2.5 years Get'n out of this cold...brrr Got a new Nvidia Graphics card with me too Got the 2.09 update...
  18. As I too am learning DR on the side, I'm not into the tech/math part yet. All I'm gonna do is point out game play-thru issues My picture dump folder in TDM don't work, or it does, but I can't find the pics (I've searched everywhere over the years lol), so I take the pics with my iphone and post them that way. Images will differ in color because of that.
  19. Did not know the Thief clock is a real clock! It is a real clock in Prague, Austria right? Is it as haunted as the story goes in Season 2 Episode 4 of Prime's series "LORE" ??
  20. I sure got the time Wishes can come true Jo, just det. Vi båda är i Sverige (för mig ett par månader till). Det blir mer Real-tid då
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