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  1. Alright...... 20h30/20h45 E.U time i will play a mission dont know yet wich one.......... https://www.twitch.tv/micropoint_
  2. i streamed some in the hardest difficulty no knock no kill ^^ But no one came, so i stay on skyrim with my 1k modlist and enderal I even fixed my stream being too dark, wont change anything anyway ^^
  3. These settings are already at ther best lol ^^
  4. Volta II finish. Noice mission and very well made but way too easy for me. Any hard mission ? Even very very hard ? ༼ ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉ ༽
  5. Thanks a lot. ^^ There are a lot of missions and more to come i suppose, this is amazing. Lot of good mission i did try but am on volta 2 actually and i need to finish that one before starting a new one. ^^ thanks for these informations.
  6. hello, didnt know that, well i just give a little opinion about the map i try here, am not so much into forum at first.. ^^
  7. so Volta 2 is an amazing level, i love it.
  8. in expert hope its going to be a hard level then..
  9. am going to start streaming volta 2.
  10. Voila Volta 1 done very good and well made map, but too easy for me. ^^ I enjoyed that level.
  11. i made a little test with the microphone of my G430 headset and yeah the problem really come from the T Bone 420 Am going to stream at 16h30 today my voice quality is not going to be perfect cause well G430 microphone voila voila... lol but better then nothing, the time for me to get a new microphone..
  12. hallo. Yes i willm for sure. The only problem is that for no raisons my T bone 420 destroy my voice when i stream so it may be a microphone problem... I am sending it back tomorrow...... And i need to get a new microphone, because otherwise trust me the quality of my voice during a stream is way way better then what you heard these last day.
  13. Hello and thanks, i have many noice missions to do, thanks all for your suggestions. Volta 1 plaise me from what ive seen, did like 1hoo on that map and its a very well made map.
  14. Volta 1 now, noice map tbh. No kill no knockout for sure like always.
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