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  1. Black Parade is released ! https://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152429
  2. Do you mean objectives should not be randomly scattered and reclusively hidden but on the main well known path ?
  3. I was arguing with my friend and we had different takes on this. What about you? What makes mission fun to play?
  4. I was thinking about the new gameplay in next Thief game because I think it should be improved along A.I. I would like Thief has blunt arrows which he can shoot first guard in the below knee area. Thief shoots from the dark shadow so he's not seen. Guard tumbles down, then stands up and he sees second guard and thinks the guard pranked him with the blunt arrow. This could lead to intense gameplay and funny dialogue. G#1: "You shot me with the arrow." G#2: "No I didn't." G#1: "But we're the only ones in the room." Garret is in the shadows and yellow is vision cone of the first guard who tumbled down.
  5. Let me ask serious question. When will Dark Mod get the number version 3.0? What conditions should met to get that title?
  6. Every mission has it's own internal plot. Overarching plot could be the reappearance of witches faction who worship mythical beings as Gammal the hag in the temples around the city. These witches are more sinister than Victoria. Thief is brought by the Keepers to investigate city outskirts and temples. He finds that the witches have infiltrated high positions in the city, the brothels, the bank... They are gathering in the city mansions at night for rituals. This could the be first couple of missions. Thief could break the rituals or enter the world of Primal and disrupt the hag there. This world of Primal would be brand new reimagination of Thief universe where the old gods lie... That's the main hook of the story.
  7. Be able to override fonts of readables, books in the main menu or darkmod.cfg.
  8. new main actor with brand new plot new city areas and even outskirts with roping to the trees and stealth takedowns beneath visiting brand new city, undercity below, city districts, swamps with cultists and temples around the city new factions and interesting story around them bring back Keepers and their prophecies I like what Dishonored did with blink power and the Void. Maybe new Thief should have fantastical gameplay power/device in similar sense. Player could choose if he wants to be pure thief. Be able to kill everyone, knockout everyone and still finish the mission. The ultimate freedom lies at player's hands.
  9. Question for AMA: What is the vision roadmap beyond 2.12 toward TDM 3?
  10. mapping allergy What would you like in Dark radiant for mapping allergy transforms into mapping affinity?
  11. How does RBDoom3BFG handle loading of data? Would loading speed be increased with Dark Mod being merged ? Could Dark Mod size be reduced in half if not more with RBDoom3 textures and prefabs compression?
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