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  1. mapping allergy What would you like in Dark radiant for mapping allergy transforms into mapping affinity?
  2. How does RBDoom3BFG handle loading of data? Would loading speed be increased with Dark Mod being merged ? Could Dark Mod size be reduced in half if not more with RBDoom3 textures and prefabs compression?
  3. Who will be evaluating this plan? For what TDM version would RBDoom3BFG be target?
  4. Where exactly? Could you please post getviewpos coordinates?
  5. Once authors complete their missions, this dark curse will be lifted.
  6. In Shadows of Northdale 1, fog appears/disappears based on camera angle. I have GT730.
  7. Could contestants create some murder mystery story with psychological horror, not only all time seen undead theme ? Wellingtoncrab?
  8. I'm willing to test the beta before Christmas 2022.
  9. madtaffer


    Are you able top play in stealth in Redfall ?
  10. Would it be possible to get some kind of funding for Dark mod 3.0? Maybe via Epic games grants, Kickstarter or somehow else ? Depending on goals for 3.0, how many contributors would be needed?
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