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  1. What gameplay and level features should have next Thief ?
  2. Which is better CPU for making games, running engines and compiling, 12700 or 5900 ?
  3. Great, was this a part of William Steele or is separated ? Can Bikerdude show some screenshots?
  4. This doesn't happen to me. I have rebind Use key to R. What happens if you press Y key when you have lenses equipped?
  5. madtaffer


    What is for invisibility potion? spawn atdm:playertools_invisibility_potion doesn't work
  6. How did you recolor flame in Written in Stone?
  7. This looks amazing. Which textures did you use here?
  8. Have you seen this https://github.com/RobertBeckebans/RBDOOM-3-BFG ? I wish for TDM 3 we would have fully PBR renderer with Vulkan.
  9. Maybe add new story notes as well to make the point for the new players?
  10. Delete TDM shortcut, start installer, select get custom version, select 2.10, click REFRESH INFO, download, click recreate darkmod config and shortcut.
  11. Bluehawk, set renderscale to 0.45-0.5 and Sharpen to 1. You'll get satisfying visuals with double performance.
  12. I just wanted to make a suggestion to Wellington to add more patrol guards in empty houses and in rooms generally till next update.
  13. You don't need a key to get back of the area. You need to go through red or was it green mist, one of these. I only experienced crash when I loaded a quicksave in 2.10b7 from the lava area.
  14. Congrats! Iris is monumental. I have about hundreds of lore questions.
  15. I've resolved it by reinstalling 2.10b6. When I launched Dark mod I got blue console screen with this error but now is gone,
  16. Did anyone get Error: file script/observer.script, line 84: Unknown value "getEntityFlag" when using b6?
  17. Some geometry issue in Archmage's room 2.10b6, WiS 1.1
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