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  1. In 2.09. I think it bettter that way. 2.10 inventory is cluttered too much. Please remove the arrows from it to back how it was.
  2. Could you revert the arrows system to 2.09? They can be easily selected with numbers 1-9 and much faster than going in the inventory. Arrows cluter inventory unnecessary.
  3. Same problem here. I'm unable to find volume 2. Thius is his room and you can see chest you need to unlock where is Vol II. In this room there is a secret area.
  4. PBR Doom3 engine is released. Is it possible to port this over TDM? https://github.com/RobertBeckebans/RBDOOM-3-BFG/releases/tag/v1.3.0 Irradiance Volumes aka Light Grids RBDOOM-3-BFG 1.3.0 brings back the Quake 3 light grid but this time the grid points feature spherical harmonics encoded as octahedrons and it can be evaluated per pixel. This means it can be used on any geometry and serves as an irradiance volume. Unlike Quake 3 this isn't radiosity which is limited to diffuse only reflections. The diffuse reflectivity is built using all kinds of incoming light: diffuse, specular and emissive (sky, light emitting GUIs, VFX). PBR Texture format Filmic Post Processing TrenchBroom Mapping Support [VULKAN] NOTE THE VULKAN BACKEND IS STILL NOT FINISHED!!! Fixed GPU Skinning with Vulkan Fixed the lighting with stencil shadows with Vulkan and added Carmarck's Rerverse optimization Added anisotropic filtering to Vulkan Added Git submodule glslang 7.10.2984 -> stable release Nov 15, 2018 Vulkan version builds on Linux. Big thanks to Eric Womer for helping out with the SDL 2 part Fixed Bink video playback with Vulkan ImGui runs with Vulkan by skipping all Vulkan implementation details for it and rendering ImGui on a higher level like the Flash GUI
  5. How did you come with the idea of fake diary? I would like to write myself sometihng similar. In what way you get the code from the diary? I got 3 codes depending how I understood it after consequent read.
  6. What about realtime light bouncing similar to Lumen and particle generator Niagara from UE5 in Dark mod?
  7. What is the roadmap for Dark mod past 2.10+ in 2022? Is feature for easier streamlining assets and textures from Blender 3 to DR feasible?
  8. nbohr1more, could you expose specular, fresnel effect with intensity and color parameters in TDM options panel ?
  9. Can current 2.09 achieve ambient "spotlight / backlight" effect and specular highlight ?
  10. Should water dim the light automatically?
  11. Can I organize 2 maps in DR like Collections in Blender which I can (un)hide? That would make easier to work in and focus on only 1 map or area.
  12. A suggestion for text fonts. Could you make in TDM settings option to render all written text in one readable default font? I'm dyslexic. I have to read text twice or more times to understand it for myself. Stylish fonts in TDM are beautiful to look at but they are painful to read.
  13. Camera vaulting over obstacles and climbing is a bit slow when you use it often. Is it possible to increase it?
  14. Since DarkRadiant 2.11 is released, will next TDM be 2.11 as well ?
  15. I've miswritten. I didn't mean to change to new engine but adapt from QuakeSpazm performance and low size maps to the TDM.
  16. I don't understand engines as much so I apologize on rookie-speak in advance. Could you update TDM engine to Quake-Spike (http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm) ? Quake has very small editor and maps are extreme small size. As an example all of Arcane dimensions maps weight about 330MB. Performance and map loading is incredibly fast and smooth. Big maps like The Painter’s Wife would have much smaller package and high performance in QSpike.
  17. Is there an estimated time of arrival for 2.09 ?
  18. It this a font glitch? It's only text barely readable. Btw, great mission Goldwell. Also, there a 2 books which are highlighted and they have a name, but I can't open them. There was an empty chest. But it was positioned carefully with intention for loot.
  19. How to export from Blender to DarkMod?
  20. If I remember, it used to be smaller around 1.2GB. It's more efficient.
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