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  1. Completed it! It was a good mission! Thanks for creating it. I enjoyed the atmosphere of creeping across the rooftops and the story/notes along the way. Looking forward to try the next in the series. Got stuck on one bit and had to look at the guide. Maybe it's just me? You can add it to the pile of subjective feedback if it's helpful. Also I went back and checked the objectives, I don't know how I missed the 'stay off the streets' one now, just didn't read it properly I guess. I'm trying to remember if it got highlighted as a failed objective when you go on the streets...? I'm not sure and can't check right now. Thanks again. Next, mission 3...
  2. Hi, just tried this mission and hit a progress halting issue... might be a bug? I'm on the latest DarkMod.
  3. I just wanted to say well done, congrats and thanks for all the effort that went into making this mission! It was amazing and the first DarkMod mission I've played. It felt up to the quality bar of the old thief games and actually probably a lot better in some ways really. The amount of ways to navigate around the thief highways and rooftop areas in the multi-level city is staggering. I can really tell a lot of love went into crafting this. Loved the plot, side missions, locations and setting... everything really. Hardly any feedback save me finding some objectives a bit confusing to figure out. Looking forward to trying out more missions in this amazing game now.
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