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  1. Nah, no saves beyond the alternating quicksaves. I'm not bummed out about it, I experienced 99% of the mission, just thought I'd bring it up as somebody who missed that note at the start (somehow, even though I looted the coins on the table) if that was even the catalyst, couldn't think of what else it could be after reading others' experiences in this thread. I sapped the priest but that's irrelevant: my not-Garrett is trapped in that tower until he loses his mind and swan dives off the top.
  2. Fun mission with some nice scripted events, lightning effects, and great music. However, I didn't get the ending cinematic and thus can't actually finish the mission. Is the added objective of finding the chest in the mines necessary to finish? I didn't read the note at the start granting the objective until after I'd looted the Builder's relic and walked all the way back to the beginning trying to figure out how to pay the landlord. In fact, I found and looted the chest before gaining the added objective and upon gaining it it was immediately completed (as with reading the note I looted the c
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