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  1. Right, I really want to play this mission but when I downloaded it from the link, it is a PK4 file and when I opened it, it opened up in notepad and looked to be a massive code file of some sorts. Before I go on, I can drive computers but I don't know what makes 'em go. Soooooo, my question is, how do I get this file to open up in TDM so I can play the mission?
  2. I've updated to version 2.08 and on every mission I now get what I can only describe as a blinding light in the middle of the screen. Turning away from the light in the mission does make it disappear but as soon as you turn back round it's there again. Bear in mind I'm not great with computers so if anyone mentions going into the files you're going to have to walk me through it. I'm not using a gaming PC either. Game is running on a HP Pavilion laptop with what ever graphics and sound card comes as standard on windows 10
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