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  1. As an amusing aside to this, does anyone remember those little "find the differences between these two images" puzzles that would appear in the newspaper or various magazines at times? I learned that you could do the eye-crossing maneuver on those two images and easily spot the differences in seconds. I would try to defocus my eyes to get the two images to "overlap" thus making a third combined image where the differences kind of shimmered and stood out so you could see them really easily. I never found any use for this other than nifty childish party-trick, but I thought I'd share.
  2. Magic Eye! Oh man does that bring back some memories. They were most commonly bundled in a glossy print collection and sold as a book called "Magic Eye" here in Pennsylvania. They were hugely popular when I was in elementary school. I remember begging my Mother to purchase all three books each year when one came out. We had a little shop in the school that sold them and they always sold out rather quickly. I would spend hours crossing my eyes just right to make out the hidden images. Some of them were rather impressive and the effect could be quite clear when done properly. I do reca
  3. The dreaded black square bloom thing is rearing it's ugly head once more. Though, to be fair, it is definitely not like it was before. Same squares but different conditions for appearance. They actually only appear in one specific spot that I have found thus far, in the Pagan cave area of the new Hidden Hands: The Anomaly FM. They don't seem to be appearing in the training mission nor in Tears of St. Lucia as they were before. Very strange little thing and certainly not a huge deal but I thought you should know nonetheless. I thank you for your work and wish you luck in the (shudder) job hunt.
  4. I look back on the late 80s to late 90s quite fondly. I was born in 81 so those years were some of the best in my life. I don't know if things were actually better then or if memory is selective as Zerg Rush said. We tend to forget painful things and exaggerate the good times. It is human nature. I think some of what may give the illusion of things generally being worse is the connectedness of the world now. The ease with which information flows to every corner of the earth. The internet, cell phones all make it easier for information to spread and for people to individually share their feelin
  5. Thanks for the answer. Yeah, that doesn't seem like something that would be done intentionally. I wonder how many maps things like that happen on or if its a one off fluke. I always play with maps personally, but I never considered that the actual lighting (and therefore difficulty) could be affected by the decision. You always find some interesting things messing around with the shaders lol.
  6. What causes the light gem to brighten when the shadow maps/ssao are toggled on in the above gif?
  7. Okay, I've been playing around with the latest build and so far the new system for moving objects is absolutely amazing! At first I felt as if I was cheating a bit by how easily objects could be manipulated silently, but the more I played around with it and gave it some thought it made a lot of sense. I'm just so used to objects behaving rather unrealistically. It doesn't make any sense for a candle being slid ever so slowly across a table to make a cacophony of noise, but I sure do expect it to. I get hung up with not wanting to see the challenge compromised in any way, but ultimately it
  8. The effect in bright areas is quite helpful. It especially functions nicely when frobbing candles and light sources. There are at least two cvars that I noticed you can use to swap between frob effects, newFrob and frobOutline, which allowed me to take the screenshots I did. While I left the outline settings at default, there are a bunch of options adjusting the appearance of the effect in the config... seta r_frobOutlineBlurPasses "2" seta r_frobOutlineColorA "1.2" seta r_frobOutlineColorB "1.0" seta r_frobOutlineColorG "1.0" seta r_frobOutlineColorR "1.0" seta r_frobOutline "1" seta r_fr
  9. I had a question regarding the implementation of the frob outline as it is in the dev builds. I know it is deemed unfinished so my question is is there going to be a highlighting function also implemented or is the system going to change per object? Certain things, well mostly one thing, like the combination locks, don't function as intended with an outline system. The dials are only visible with a highlighting system. I really love how the outline looks even in its unfinished state. I can very quickly see if an item is selected even in rather well lit situations. So far this seems to be the o
  10. Congratulations on the release! One of the most beautifully lit missions I've ever played.
  11. Yeah, a good point. Things are still working great after cranking up the settings on 2.09. Even works in the 2.10 dev build, for now at least. Since you cannot seem to recreate it on your end if you have anything you want me to test to see if the squares come back just let me know. I'll happily help you track down whatever the culprit was if I can. It was definitely somehow tied to the in-game bloom setting as turning it off would always "fix" the issue and turning bloom on promptly brought the squares back.
  12. Well, whatever you did you fixed it! That new update there works perfectly it seems. I'll test a bit and turn up my settings again but so far it looks good.
  13. I just did a fresh install of 2.09 using the default generated config. All I did was turn on the bloom and the squares in the training mission that I pointed out earlier are still there. Thought that might make some things a bit easier. To answer some of your questions though I do not modify anything externally at all. No reshade or Nvidia control panel settings or anything else like that. I do usually have everything cranked up to max like AA and Anisitropy at 16x, Very high LODs, very high soft shadows, shadowmaps on instead of stencil, SSAO on high usually with the darkmod.cfg adjustin
  14. I went through the Training Mission and I did not notice any squares in the areas you mentioned above. I did notice them in some odd spots that seem mostly like they would be unrelated to bloom, like the ends and edges of various models as opposed to around lights or windows. I don't know if this information will be helpful in any way, but I figured I'd point it out just in case since it seemed kinda odd. There are a couple spots of note in the jumping/mantling section around the central construction scaffolding you are meant to practice on. I'll spoiler the images to save space... Wheelb
  15. I am also seeing the squares now as well. They don't seem to be as common as before. Best mission I find to test for them is simply Mission 2: The Tears of St. Lucia. Turn right at the start and you cannot miss them. As a note to your prior response: I really appreciate the detailed answer. It is helpful to someone who is mostly unfamiliar with shaders and how they function. My original question was just referring to your darkmod.cfg settings for the mentioned variables. I don't use reshade myself and almost never touch my graphics panel either but I have used ENB for things in the
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