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  1. Absolutely stellar mission. I love the little notice board side quest system. Very innovative. I have to try the astronomer's challenges yet. I did run into that game breaking lever bug. Very abrupt end to the immersion, though the mission is still one of the best. I initially thought that the note mentioning the code could be changed was some sort of hint and spent quite a whiles trying different things, rereading the readables and searching everywhere only to realize it was a bug in the end. Still, thanks for the work you did here. Missions like these are among my favorites. EDIT
  2. I agree with this. I play a lot of FPS type games, both retro and newer, and always use the same monitor setup. Most games I crank up to about 100 fov and things look pretty good for my setup to my eye. TDM looks higher than that at its default of an apparent 90 degree fov. Its the only game I actually turn down to 80, even 85 makes a surprising difference. It does feel somewhere slightly over 100 by default to me as well.
  3. I apologize for the necro post but I am unsure where I should post this if not here... While playing through the mission and reaching the Builder's temple area, there is a puzzle lock machine that makes an appearance here in TP4 (and is also used in TP1) where I noticed a pretty strange thing about the glass on the machine. I'm sure everyone here knows exactly which machine I am talking about, but just in case It is the apparatus that has several gears behind a glass pane and several levers that control rods extending to the gears. You have to be able to see the gears to manipulate the ro
  4. I've only been playing TDM for a couple months now so I may not be the best person to listen to, but I can confirm the quicksave flicker. It doesn't happen in 2.08 and has been happening in the beta of 2.09 since the beginning. I just tested on a fresh install using the default generated configs and it is not noticeable in the 2.08 release, is present in 2.09 beta 1, and seems a bit more noticeable in betas 3 & 4, though there is a bit of randomness to its severity. Definitely not a huge issue and I probably would not have mentioned it were it not being discussed, but it definitely exists.
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