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  1. Thank you: $ b2sum -a blake2s tdm_installer.linux64 5644d1a1b4c17f9d5abeb9c5e8517c10d269cc0174fac16842a9205180e50f4f tdm_installer.linux64 $ cat hash.txt zsMH:5644d1a1b4c17f9d5abeb9c5e8517c10d269cc0174fac16842a9205180e50f4f Yes I am technical I speak code -> C++, Rust, Python.
  2. Greetings, I am installing TDM for the first time, and inside the file hash.txt is zsMH:<hash>. I know what MD5, SHA256 are etc. but what is zsMH and how do I verify it?
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