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  1. sohda

    2 Bugs

    Thanks for the further explanation, I did it, bug fixed.... i must have missed the one ".map" file yesterday xD have a nice Day
  2. sohda

    2 Bugs

    @Destined Hi, thanks for the explanation... i already searched yesterday every file for "atdm" (atdm_teleport_10) that i could open with notepad++. On your recommendation i looked today only the ".script" file, there is only one "goneinsmoke.script" and it doesn't contain any "atdm_teleport_10" text. further i also searched for "teleport" "lock" "pick" but without success. so i thought the code is even deeper, that's why i wrote "i'm not a coder..". to be sure i searched the folder i extracted with 7zip from the ".pk4" for ".script", with the same result that there is only one ". script" file, which as i said before does not contain "atdm_teleport_10", but thanks for your help. have a nice Day :)
  3. sohda

    2 Bugs

    Hi, thanks for the responge.... first I tryed TDM version 2.08 and still the same problems , but i checked Bienies page and read, the Problem with the lever behind the Door occurs only when you have selected in the Options "open on unlock --> NO". Change the Option to YES solves the Problem. Good tip to look at Bienies Page , I could have thought of it myself xD, Thanks Im not a Coder so i have no idea how to change the classname of "atdm_teleport_10" to "func_remove, xD but... THANKS both of You for your Help and your Magic Programmer Witchcraft have a nice Day
  4. sohda

    2 Bugs

    1. Title: Breaking Out The Fence Description: Continues from In a Time of Need. Release your fence from the League of Seafaring Merchants. Author: Kyyrma Version: 1.0 Required TDM Version: 2.01 HI , if I take the Lock Picks the game slow down to 1 fps and stays there , I downloaded the mission a second time but still the same bug. i have played without the lock picks and the error did not occur, but it would be nice to have the lock picks 2. Title: CoS2: A Precarious Position Description: Chronicles of Skulduggery 2: A Precarious Position An old acquaintance has hired you to hit the local Watch station to seize some incriminating evidence against him. Read "Notes" for further information. Author: Bienie if I open the top-left cupboard on Rawlyn desk and Enter the code (968) another small door should open where the leaver is. but the door with the leaver does not open. I started the Mission a second Time , but still the same Problem. I use The Dark Mod 2.09 version, i watched the missions on youtube and there were no problems at the moment I download version TDM 2.08 and Test the Missions with it, have a nice Day
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