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  1. Fun mission. I got all the objectives, found the hidden chest and finished but...
  2. Good mission. I am reminded a lot of the fan mission Endless Rain.
  3. Oh for sure I never said I finished the mission in 5 minutes or anything like that. I found it funny I managed to stumble on him by accident though.
  4. Intel 10875h CPU Nvidia 2070 Super 32 gigs DD4 2 TB Sabrient SSD
  5. So this made me literally laugh out loud. Long time Thief fan having played the original demo in 1998 but I mostly lurk. I had to come share this with you guys since you are the only people who would appreciate this. I just started playing this tonight:
  6. If you repasted your thermal compound on your laptop it would probably fix your overheating issues. My Acer Predator went to 95c under load to 70c when I put liquid metal on it. You don't have to use liquid metal even a normal thermal compound would help a lot. The thermal compound on old laptops becomes dried out and and does nothing.
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