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  1. Thank you @nbohr1more! The "Uncap FPS" setting was the culprit. I assumed that "Uncap FPS" would ignore fps limit and just have the frame rate..uncapped. As soon as I switched the setting on, my FPS was immediately locked at 144 as it should. No more choppiness and lag.
  2. In TDM settings I have vsync off, FPS capped at 144. When I run the native linux executable, my FPS even in the menu is all over the place from around 30 up to 60, changing constantly which results in a very choppy overall experience. Out of curiosity I tried running the Windows exe through wine and it performs just fine. It is still locked at 60 but it never goes below. I have no idea what's going on. Why the 60 FPS lock when it should be 144 according to my settings? Why is the native executable performing so poorly? I am running bspwm with picom compositor. I kill picom before run
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