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  1. Hi, I can't decipher the display case not, so I can't find where the instrument is Can you help? FOUND IT :))))
  2. Ahhhh! Finished. Damn good mission. Best mission ever made. Because of the story! Are there similar missions like Down by the Riverside?
  3. IT IS !! Thank you guys. That was/is the mission !!! Damn do I enjoy time shifting and good story telling with other (other than protagonist) peoples fate and life. That reminded me of some misisons in Thief 2 where you find the remains of a couple inside a hidden chamber in the library. This also reminds me of the book The Shadow of the Wind, as well as, The Angel's Game from Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Thank you guys :))
  4. Damn there are two answers yes yes yes, I am gonna check it out!! But that sounds good. And yes. It is possible that there were some guiding ghost(s).
  5. Hello dear TDM community, I started to play TDM in 2020 again and I wanted to find a mission I enjoyed a lot in 2016 I guess. I don't know much about the mission anymore, all I know is that it blew my mind. There were somehow many in game cuts, story jumps and probably also time travel. I hope I am not wrong but there was also some snow. It was a long story tellling. The protagonist found out about the fate of some people, what happened to them, when they died etc. And I think the player jumped in time some times. I think this was all in one mission (same file). At some point I could hear a horse-drawn carriage OR a horse. But not a "in game horse". More a story telling horse in the background. I remotely remember that I had to look for some hidden "things" around a house. The story was carried by many notes I think.... hope you can help me guys. I checked all mission descriptions but can't manage to find the right mission. As far as I remember the mission was not a big city, big manison or cathedral and there were no undead and spiders (I think). Best regards Esat
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