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  1. dear mission developer. Please change a part of your territory. where the fps drops. Please optimize your mission
  2. nbohr1more Frontend Accelleration enabled Shadow maps enabled r_shadowMapSinglePass 1 low fps 18-20
  3. please If possible, then I ask you to optimize such missions via the game engine in the next version 2.10. I'm sure coding can help without degrading the image )
  4. I noticed that the fps exactly drops when the player moves away from the water, walks around the mansion. in rooms everything is already normal. Maybe there are variables that reduce the quality of water? water apparently consumes a lot of VRam I'm ready to experiment. the mission is very nice and beautiful. If there are no such variables, then it might be possible to add them? I doubt that the author of the mission will want to make water in low quality
  5. Hello. I really want to play this mission properly. And my video card can keep a stable fps. Please advise what variables should I change so that my fps is always 59-60 ? The Dark Mod version 2.09 Mission: Blackgrove Manor (2021/03/14)
  6. In some missions, I hear this indistinct sound. At the same time, it is repeated, approximately every 2 minutes... There is no sound source. Maybe it's a bug that hasn't been fixed yet? What do you think about it? Can this sound be removed? But to leave the music in the mission Listen, please 2:28 - 2:44 3:35 - 3:48
  7. Thanks, I figured it out. I play recently and I'm interested in understanding how AI works. I love testing and finding hidden bugs in games.. I don't want to make the game easier, just help the developers make it more realistic In my opinion, the third-person model has very wide-spread arms. Therefore, it is impossible to hide behind a pillar, as the hands will be visible.
  8. I recently play the game. I have not seen this anywhere.
  9. Springheel I understand now, how stealth works to become completely invisible, I need to hide behind the object, approximately 3 boxes long and 3 boxes high. Behind such a wall, the guard can't see me, although the light falls on me.... It would be great if the player could change the size of his body in the config for the ability to hide behind pillars, trees... Thank you to everyone who helped to understand this problem!
  10. I don't know where to find the boxes. Can I spawn boxes via the console?
  11. Springheel HMart ate0ate Zerg Rush new video. all AI settings by default. I waited until the guard had calmed down...I approach unnoticed and crouch behind the column and the crates. But the guard finds me anyway.... There are no gaps between the column and the boxes.
  12. Here is another video that proves that the guards have a cheating ability. They can see not only through the column, but also through the boxes! Perhaps a small patch can to help the Players...
  13. Why in this case, the standing guard can see part of the player behind the column, and the player in the same position can not see some part of the guard? I showed this moment in my video. A squatting person takes up a lot of space and is therefore more visible than a standing person? Do you believe that this is true?.... Perhaps there is a variable that can reduce the width to the sides of the player? There is a variable which determines the height of the player: seta pm_crouchheight "38" In real life, it is easy to hide behind a column or a tree from a person who is standing still. But in the game at the moment, for some reason it is impossible. I hope the developers will pay attention to this. After all, they strive for realism in the game
  14. Tested. pm_thirdperson 1 In this case, the player standing in a bright place is not illuminated by light at all and, of course, is invisible to the guards
  15. Why is Garett squatting on his heels wider than this column and wider than the guard himself? Garett the fat man? Are we playing for the fat guy? This is very strange and funny... In the third person, he is as thin as a guard. But, if the player is squatting, then for some reason he is fat.
  16. i m asking to delete this topic. the issue is resolved
  17. Hallo I tested a mission and I saw the cheating ability of the Guard to see the player. Who should I better contact? Here is my topic. Thing that could be improved.
  18. In your initial missions ( a new job etc ), this is not possible. I threw bottles at the wall. Beginners may think that they can not break glass objects in this game
  19. but we can't break the bottles and glass vessels right now. Isn't that right?
  20. Why do you think the game does not implement the smashing of glass objects? In some old games with realistic physics, this is already there, for example in the game : Amnesia: The Dark Descent Sometimes i just want to break a bottle against the wall )
  21. Most likely you're right. thanks. I did an experiment: I wrote in the command line "god" and began to fight with two guards in close combat. They fought only with me. This pleases me.... For good statistics I will try to avoid detection and hopefully then the guards will not kill each other
  22. mission: The Tears of St. Lucia The original file was processed by the script I18N.pl. This was necessary for the translation into Russian. Could this script have created a bug in the AI? The entrance to the church is guarded by two guards. I showed myself to both of them and ran away from them. I climbed up on the elevation so they wouldn't kill me. They tried to hit me with a weapon and apparently one of them struck another with a sword. The two guards began to fight among themselves. I walked to the main entrance of the church without any problems.... It was easy.... And it was very strange... But how then to get good statistics. if you want to complete the mission without killing??? I must write. that I can't cause this behavior on purpose. Sometimes they attack me together, but they don't consider themselves enemies The developers could make it so that a random hit from one guard to another would not cause damage and would not make them enemies... I don't think the mission creators are to blame...
  23. I think we need to improve the AI. I've noticed once: if 2 or more guards see a player, they run to him to kill him. It's good. But if the guards in this alert state touch each other, then, as a rule, they begin to kill each other. This makes the play easy and strange. Have you ever seen the police shoot their employees in reality? I wouldn't want the guards to be any dumber than the modern police in this regard.... Maybe I can change some ai variable?
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