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  1. I began to seriously study the influence of variables on the game. there is a goal to create a complete universal autocommand. cfg, which i will need to throw into the game for the initial construction and immediately i can play. this is very convenient. after all, if a player has not played for a long time, it will be difficult for him to set up the game again. after all, over time, a lot is forgotten however, these head bob variables do not work in the config.... and this link is given at this time incorrect information.... https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=FAQ "Stop Head-bob animations Obsolete info. In 2.07 these values are saved when entered in the console. You no longer need an autoexec.cfg Some players get motion sickness or are otherwise uncomfortable with head bob. Add these values to an autoexec.cfg seta pm_bobroll "0" seta pm_bobpitch "0" seta pm_bobup "0" to disable head-bob. " I ask the developers of this wonderful mod to fix it. and also please make a fix for the latest stable version 2.07 for owners of x32 Os.
  2. AluminumHaste run the Mission and check the value in it. no need to check in the game menu
  3. on D:/darkmod this file from menu i can make file from Mission cvar_issue.txt
  4. sorry. I made a mistake. the game goes without stuttering, if i set the value like this: com_fixedTic 1 value of 0 always gives a stuttering, frieze, regardless of the set fps limit. in my mashine
  5. If I open the console and invoke: pm_bobup 0.0 then exit TDM and restart it then open the console in Mission and invoke: pm_bobup It returns: pm_bobup 0.03 in Menu the setting is saved It looks like this setting is not saved in the mission can this be fixed somehow in the game? I am currently testing version 2.07 maybe, starting from version 2.07, there is a variable that can prevent us from resetting to the default variable values when loading a mission?
  6. Will it continue to work on translating the missions into Russian? I'm from Russia. today was my first training mission. I really liked the translation
  7. nbohr1more Тhank for your darkmod.cfg. I assume that this file will raise me a bit of fps without noticeably degrading the graphic??
  8. you're wrong. this command has helped me and a lot of players a lot. it was enough to write to autoexec. cfg seta com_fixedTic "1"
  9. HMart thank you for explaining the features of your game engine
  10. We also can't collapse the game to the desktop panel. Let's say a player wants to see the temperature of the video card during the game. He presses alt+tab and nothing happens....
  11. nbohr1more Of course, I thought everything out so that the game went without problems. The game was unpacked to ssd drive C:\ darkmod. I have full permissions . If you enter a training mission, all these settings will be reset. in the menu, these settings work. and in mission, these settings are reset... this is very strange Only a competent programmer can help.... I wouldn't want to say goodbye to the universe Thief
  12. I made all these settings uncap fps on maх fps 90 frontend acseleration on/off Resolutuon 1920 Х1080 r_multisamples 0 fps 58 it's all useless. the game has friezes, stuttering, only the programmer of this game can help. I think something needs to be done with the com_fixedTic command.... it doesn't work as it does in Doom 3
  13. What is it? There is no such graphical setting in the settings
  14. I solved this problem by deleting the mission.... it's weird that the player can't switch the language if a mission is running...
  15. I switched the interface to Russian. I had to switch back to English. I'm doing a reboot of the game, but the language is still Russian. It turns out that the launched mission prevented you from switching the language. After deleting the mission, I was able to change the game language to English. please fix this bug
  16. I have to switch to the English interface first. I don't understand what you want from me. I should see the game settings in english. I can't see the AA setting
  17. AluminumHaste I found a serious bug with your language switching. Now I have a Russian interface. I want to change it to English, I do a reboot of the game and again the interface is Russian )
  18. now I will try to do this and go to the training mission for the test
  19. my monitor supports 60 hz. OK, I will now unlock fps in the settings and set the fps limit = 90
  20. 1920 х1080 the seta com fixedTic "1" command did not help me. however, this command is a great help in Doom 3
  21. Maybe then the coders of this game will finally be able to teach the game to read the configs correctly? In Doom 3 and Doom 3 bfg edition, everything was meticulous and perfect with it
  22. windows 7 64-bit core i5 4430 8gb Ram GT1030 the mod version 2.09 has very poor performance on this hardware. there are minimal friezes in the game . .Although with this configuration, i can perfectly play Doom 3 BFG edition. I hope that the mod developers will make version 2.10 with the same performance and stability as in the game Doom 3 BFG edition
  23. Hello dear developers! Why do many variables not work in your darkmod.cfg? I changed the following variables and set the value to " 0" seta pm_bobroll "0" seta pm_bobpitch "0" seta pm_bobup "0" seta pm_runroll "0" seta pm_runpitch "0" seta pm_runbob "0" seta pm_walkbob "0" seta pm_crouchbob "0" I launch the mod. . I run training mission. And all settings are reset!! The game also does not read variables from autoexec. cfg.
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