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  1. I totaly understand. The work done sofar ir huge and roomscale plus weapon handling will make it immersive. You are on a good path and i have no doubt you will accomplish whatever goals you have set. Do you have a patreon account so people could support your work?
  2. Have tried LINK and it works. Amazing work. All looks very good. I read somewhere in the first page about the hood. May i make a suggestion? If it is at all possible, can light gem be implemented into the wrist? I would loose all of the hood. I believe i read somewhere, probably on reddit, you wrote that engine is limited in what you can do VR wise. Is it possible to implement sort of sack when you reach with your hand behind and sack is revealed with all items? Is it possible to implement weapons or items on the belt, say you have different arrows and you reach it on the belt and its equipped? Or even HLA style where you press a button on controller and then weapons are revealed and you select them with up or down motion of the hand? I know its far from that and i wish i had experience and knowledge in this and could help. Just dreaming if its at all possible with current engine
  3. Great work! Just found this and went to try it. For some reason it would not start the game. Opens up gray window and then closes. TDM runs fine. V2.09 My gfx is dated, 970 and i am running quest wirelessly. Other games run fine.
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