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  1. I don't have a texture file for the thing, If I did I don't think we'd need to skin it The textures are all procedural and are stored in the object file. If you can't get to them that way, let me know, I'll see what I can do about rendering the materials to a texture or something that I can pass on to you.
  2. Actually, the gem isn't translucent at all so there should be no light transmission of any kind, and I didn't have radiosity on, so I think the color you're seeing is just an illusion. The compass texture is a few different rusty type noise patterns and the combination may be causing that. But yes, I think the compass ring can be placed on the gui, and the overlay can be a more static image. We'll see if the image qualities clash.
  3. Yes, that is a definite possibility. The gem portion is physically separate in the model so it would be easy to break that out.
  4. I've uploaded three versions of the Lightgem model (.lwo files) to the FTP site. They are in /models/lightgem. The whatis.txt file gives a basic description of what each file is. The lightgem.lwo file is the high detail model that we probably don't want to use. 2.5 k polys The lightgemr2.lwo file is a medium detail model that renders nearly as well as the high detail model, at 1024 polys. Still probably too high, plus there are some non-planar quads that may cause problems. The lightgemr3.lwo file is a lower res model that looses some visual detail and has 770 polys. Still might be too
  5. I'm pretty sure you can use shader parameters for conditional expressions. for instance: textures/base_door/doorlight_grn { //noShadows qer_editorimage textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga bumpmap textures/base_door/doorlight_local.tga diffusemap textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga { if(parm4 > 0) { blend add map textures/base_door/doorlight_grn.tga colored } } }
  6. As I mentioned in another thread, I was extremely busy last week and I didn't get back to this just yet. Just to clarify, should I leave the model as is or add detail to it in the form of nicks scratches, workings on the tips? Initially I thought a couple people wanted extra detail, but since then most people seem to really like it the way it is. Let me know which way to go with it. If the model is good, Then all I need to do is drop the poly levels to a respectable number and send it to you. I will post a high-poly model first though if people want to play with it.
  7. Sweet. Collectors items! Watch out for those sharp points though You could make the gem in the middle a Mood Rock like the ones they used to have in th 70s and 80s.
  8. Glad you like it Domarius. Although you were so vehement I wonder if you were being facetious...
  9. The difficult thing may be to keep that look when it is not full of procedural textures and high level raytracing functions.
  10. Yes, details will eventually be baked to a texture, but we can perhaps simplify it by making the details and renderbumpflat-ing it. I'll darken the other three points and perhaps add color to the North point. I will also work on making this more low-poly, currently, without any optimization, it is around 2k polys. (curved surfaces and such) NH, that looks nice Definately a better size.
  11. Since its a model, it can be whatever size you guys want. It may also change relative to the scene depending on game resolution. I took a guess at 800x600 in the link above. I've not yet put nicks and scratches on the surface of the gem, but Ii plan to do so in addition tomaking the points a little more detailed.
  12. Yeah, the original render was large to show off detail, and the screenshot was just a quick drop in photoshop. It looks good as it gets smaller, although I'd be concerned that it will be hard to see the direction indication if it gets too small. The color of the gem itself...erm...sure I guess. A material shader with a shader parm representing the desired gem color might be possible. Getting the light color in the area might not be too difficult either. Don't really know at this point.
  13. Yeah, the spikes are pretty rough at the moment, i'm not sure what ornamentation to put on them, though. Here is a mockup from a screenshot of Renz's gallery. The lighting is even almost believeable on the model Lightgem mockup Modeled with Lightwave for native lwo support.
  14. Here's a work in progress image of what I have for the Lightgem. Since it differs fairly significantly from the mockup by Pakmannen, I thought I'd post the image to get opinions so I can rework it if nobody likes it I chose to go with a mold-forged iron look with the ring itself which is a look I ended up liking Shrink to about 33% to see the size it would appear in the game, I believe.
  15. Working on it as we speak. It will be two separate models I think. The ring with the prongs, and the center semi-sphere. The ring spins with direction but the center peice doesn't.
  16. Nah, should be easy enough:)
  17. Sure, I'd be happy to model some furniture.
  18. I can do basic modeling, which is essentially anything but characters or animals.
  19. I also tend to prefer the human guards over monster ones, although a few non-human bipedal guards are great for variety.
  20. Well, Doom3 already does this with the zombies and scientists. There are a number of heads that are interchangeable, so if we just follow their lead with those we should have no problem with this at all. Check out heads.def to see how they defined the heads.
  21. Yeah, such as giving her some hips.... I didn't mean any offense in questioning whether the models were yours or not. ( I can't tell if you were joking with "the nerve" above). I was just impressed with the apparent quality of the models. I've seen people take, say, one of the Poser character model meshes and try to pass them off as their own work which got the Daz3d people upset. But victoria's hawt.
  22. The thief model would probably be used in cinematics, body awareness, and potentially the spy-orb if we have one. But yes, for the most part it wouldn't be seen in the game from what I understand.
  23. I'm sure those would be very useful. You did make these yourself, correct? Not doubting your skill, just making sure we don't use resources that are created by someone else.
  24. Yes, I downloaded the mod, but it crashes for me as well. I doubt it has anything to do with the mod itself; I've got a couple of potential problem areas with this computer that could be causing issues currently.
  25. I think I can help with both as well. Starting to dig around the AI scripts and SDK stuff as we speak.
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