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  1. Not to good. dear group, I think I won't have enough time to support the project seriously. I will have to start with my thesis soon and move all my belongings to another city. So better don't count on me now. I am sorry. sincerelly yours, kaboom
  2. Yes, this is more for orientation and to get the shapes right.
  3. No, I use Maya. Worked for years with 3DS, but I after a while it was just to crappy, so I switched to Maya, it is much more stable and it also runs on Linux
  4. Ok, I started the display, here a first Impression I will start to add detail tomorrow. Tell me, if you observe obvious mistakes. So long, have a nice rest of the weekend. Greetings, kaboom ;
  5. Just give me a little modelling task. As you can see, most of the picis are from at least 2 years ago, so it could be that my skills are a little bit rusted. Maybe something simple for the start
  6. Hello DarkMod-Team, I would like to join your team and support you. I could offer 3d modelling, 2d textures, screen design, webdesign and more ;-) I hope I could contribute to the Dark Mod. I am a real big fan of the thief series and Garett's world. You can find some of my works here.
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