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  1. Thank you! Thanks for advise Yes! Thief is my Drugs (TDP and TMA ) (TDS) but The Dark Mod is my"Second Life"!!! I love this mod! Me too i like House and Mansion location, i prefer total-stealth mission (like no kill and no blackjack anyone) but my vote is for best usage of light. IMHO is much important component of this game.
  2. Thank you all for reply. This is screenshot (windowed mode) for controls. Quicksave F4 - Quickload F9 - but if i press F5 quickload start. (Menu voices are ok- no gamma or brightness adjustment need i thing, in game is perfect for me) And this is difficulty level screen: expert is now selected but the color is just different by normal and hard.
  3. I study for this on this days. Need more time. I know TDM one week ago...
  4. [ Sorry for my english ] I think TDM look better whit: [1] Restart Mission Button [2] Different colour in difficulty choise: white ... white ... white i don't see difference when selected! [3] A check button in FM list for finished or played FM (or better... for new mission found in FM directory)? Why? Because in the future i think we have much mission and sometimes Mission's name is not equal to pk4 file (like NHAT) [4] Scouting Orb or a item for spy whitout lean! [5] Female civilian [6] Why F5 key load the mission if my shortcut is F9 for load and F4 for save? In the dark (when i play) of my house i push often F5 instead F4! [7] Loading mission is too slow? Ok... why can't read objective in this time? Ok, sorry again for my bad bad english and thanks to read me.
  5. ops... sorry I played all mission
  6. Need FM... Time for new contest?
  7. T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i can start building
  8. Hi all and sorry for my english. I have a problem with Dark Radiant. Editor start correctly whitout error message, but view are totally white, if i click on big view (i suppose editor's view) grid appear but everything process is very slow (make only first room is impossible). If i try to resize windows or spit view (in menu view) everything is now black and editor is frozen. On my laptop everything work correctly, Doom and Dark Mod too. Please help me :-( ---> Configuration <--- Laptop: Acer Aspire 6930zg OS: Windows Vista SP1 :-( Video: GeForce 9600M GS (Driver updated) DirectX Dialog: No problems Thank you an advance Please use simple word :-)
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