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  1. If you're looking to threaten me just so I won't tell you to fuck off, you can fuck off. Howzat?
  2. I always imagined that you were a complete moron. And now I am assured! The power of imagination, eh?
  3. See, "we", you (you) need to be reminded over again it seems because you don't see, "we", that you don't see. Not true, "we". Many people have many takes. And this is important, "we". Though you (we) may need to feel otherwise 'neath the skirts -- but, look about, wee we, not "everyone" has need to such. Many, to many degrees, can deal with individuals as individuals! Oh boy! I could go on (and on and on, it's true). And will probably need to revisit, yes, with you ("we"); but! I will leave it with you to see... But, wee we, this is, as has been pointed out, surely a figment of your exaggeration, Oui oui! Yes, quiet, me, quietly. ... Aaaaanyway... I am not defending Shadowhide in particular. Just his right to speak (and defend himself, embarrass himself, prostrate himself, big-up himself, reveal himself, revile himself...express himself ). And others too. But I do hope that he will build again, despite the spite.
  4. An "historical reference"? I went away for 3 months? An hysterical defense of you we and your wee need for rules and rulers. A taking too seriously of things at the least... "historical" revision is, um, speaking of censors and banishment and go away go away, and rulers with rulers to keep things in line: Uncle Joesque.
  5. Ah, the wee weasels who need to be "we"... When their beloved meddling meddlers fail them, and cries of their piddling, yip-yapping "ban 'em" brethren fail them, they wail "We, we, we! We wish you away! We wish! We want. Would that you would. We want weeks without! (No! Months!) Without you! Without which we will worry -- what worrywarts, we -- what will you say? which words will you use? Censor that! Ban them! Go away you!
  6. Ages ago... If you have a PostScript printer on one of the primitive printer devices (eg. LPT1: ) you could simply copy the file to the device.
  7. No, that was done by meddlers meddling. And now you have to explain it when, as ever, there was no reason to meddle -- beyond, of course, the affinity meddlers have for meddling. Meddlers are almost as bad as their anxious little lapdogs who, lacking the ability to meddle themselves, nearly piddle themselves -- yip-yap, yip-yap, yip-yapping about banning this one and that.
  8. "More waste. More fraud. More abuse."

  9. Childish futility and abject powerlessness. Such a riot...
  10. yam yam 4 4 good good thank thank :wub: bunnymen bunnymen
  11. Shout it from the mountain tops! "I kind of like bananas, occasionally, they're alright, they are... in moderation, tempered with a nice glass of water maybe."
  12. Oh. Well it's funny because when I saw what you'd written I was so sure you meant they were "cunts"... because they are cunts. I guess maybe they are cnuts too.
  13. You misspelled "cunts". You did mean "cunts", didn't you? I mean, they are cunts.
  14. You are really good at applying selectivity to your situations. Except not... really.
  15. As always, it comes down to this: Capitalism and its offspring (its bastard children), Predatory Competition & The Chaos Of The Marketplace, suck... Cooperation & Progressive Innovation will win the day, come the Revolution. Come The Revolution or Come The Backslide To Barbarian Blight. And the fan already stinks of the shit that approaches it... Come The Revolution or Come The Backslide To Barbarian Blight. Get ready. Get oriented. Get up.
  16. Quite alright! Quite alright as long as the right kind of people are "up to it"... These things are, after all, just shambolic excuses for petty authority to exercise and exorcise. Much like drug laws such, tut tut tut.
  17. Well, I was just saying... for me that was the coolest bit of the mission -- the thing that really got me going forward just upon the hearing of it... Though, as you know, I appreciated them other featured features as well. I was just saying. I was never going to go back and replay anyhow. I just can't do it, the replay thing, in general. As a player (and as always thus so) I wish there were less of this rehashing/rebuilding/recycling stuff going on. Sure there might be a call to squash some big bugs with some missions some times. ...But more news is better news to me!
  18. Ah. A real shame -- as it was the defining feature.
  19. That's what I thought the basic idea was when I made my suggestion. The mission takes place in there. And the back-story about what lies on the other side is prelude (and flexible hearsay at that). Perfect for a semi-small and contained mission; and also a good way to keep exercising your fictivities while building a bit of the Universe and opportunistically incorporating Nosslack's beautiful, but, as yet, not-completely-ready-to-be-integrated-but-certainly-a-good-prop plague mask.
  20. Yes and yeah it does because it has the little advantage for some people of a certain bent shall we say that it seems to cater to their particular peculiarities in such a way as to be appealing to them on a rather esoteric and arcane level in that way that it does for those that operate "like that" them that do we are agreed you and I.
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