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  1. The Phantom Manor was part of my inspiration yeah, during the development of RC I took my daughter to Disneyland Paris and loved the look of the house and took lots of pictures, so the window object textures are from the original place. Of course I had to change the place quite a bit as the Phantom Manor is basically a big box with a tower on top! I wanted to make a classic, almost cliche 'haunted house' so I researched old tv and movie houses. I added the conservatory and hexagonal tower from the Munsters house (even in the same place ) I used the sloping verandah roof from the Psycho house, but made it run all the way around, and the entire back part of the house behind the dining hall is based on the Addams family house. I posted links in the original release thread to all the images I used to build from: http://www.ttlg.com/...=129393&page=11 I also went to Highgate cemetery in London as part of the research so the crypt textures are all authentic too. If you search for 'Circle of Lebanon' you'll see what I mean, it was amazing I thought right there and then 'this is going into my mission!' http://ic2.pbase.com...mbsleveledc.jpg The stone 'thing' in the middle of the vault is a real monument at Highgate. That DVD cover is outrageous! lol, just go to Disneyland and take a picture, job done (although I'm still going to watch it) Thanks for all the kind words about the mission though everyone. ~D
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys, I appreciate it I'm loving the training mission, I'm awesome at archery and suck horribly at rope swinging! I'm looking forward to taking a look at DarkRadiant, I'm currently working on an updated version of Rose Cottage with all the bugs fixed But right after that I'll definitely check it out and work through the tutorial. Thanks again everyone. ~D
  3. BOOYAAA! Welcome young Garrett, I mean Dave. :)

  4. Hey you DarkMod lot! I finally got the TDM working I've played the training mission and I'm really REALLY impressed! I can't believe it took me so long to get here, but I will be playing every FM I can find, starting with yours Biker! Also whichever one has the ship in it? And I will probably regret saying this.... but I will be checking out Dark Radiant too
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