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  1. BTW, this is not the same file browser as the open/save dialog but a folder browser. Also, while I'm here, dragging all dialogs and child windows around leaves a bad trail lagging behind them. You know what I mean? They clear up in a second but looks like DR is not redrawing fast enough to keep up. Is that a known flaw? Or something odd with my setup? XP Home with 3.06Ghz celeron but old gforce FX5900. Should be enough. I've not had time to do much yet but install it. Before I was using the ordinary editor.
  2. Let's see... v. 0.8.1 - just downloaded this morning.
  3. There's a minor glitch in Dark Radiant you might not know about (or even want to know!) as it would rarely happen. On first run I got 'Engine Path Not Found' so browsed to the drive. There I had both Doom3 and Doom3.OLD folders. The browser was unable to show both; sometimes one, sometimes the other (I think when I switched between name order to refresh), but never both. I renamed Doom3.OLD to xxDoom3.OLD and then it was OK. Not everyone allows for suffixes in folder names - this was also true in DOS it sometimes gave probs. Anyway, if you are using a 3rd party browser you might not be able to fix it but worth being aware of.
  4. Mmmm... might get this but can't find it at amazon.co.uk so might have to get it from the US and probably pay import tax. Actually it might be cheaper as books are so expensive here. I'll wait a while. When I dabbled with an on-line tutorial quite a while ago I thought it was OK but not great and some parts not clear enough. Anyway, at that time I just wanted to get my feet wet and get the feel of it and that was enough to confirm I would continue with Dark Mod one day. Sooner or later I'll have to get going again so this book might be a help.
  5. Yes, names might by corny but mainly if used in an excessive 'look at me I'm using month names' kinda way. But now and again it's useful, maybe critical, to refer to the odd name so perhaps it's a good idea to establish them. The same is true of weekdays. 'The shipment was on Thursday' implies the god Thor is known in the Dark Mod universe. Maybe he is so I'm happy with our Earth weekday names but best consider it now. Month names might be derived from the seasons and weather : buds, greenleaves, harvest, ice, snow so they would obviously direct the player to the time of year context even if not everyone memorises every detail. Season names might be left as Spring, Summer, Autumn (or Fall), Winter as to me they 'feel' like common nouns not derived from any historic or Earthly culture reference I recall. If we want to get poetic then maybe Greenwake, Something, Leaffall, Whitesleep but such could be used by subcultures like pagans (are they called pagans in DM?) I'm not too bothered about any of this but can't see any downside to defining them or (declaring them not defined) all at the start. I'm happy with the duration terms you mentioned. It can be inferred that the Dark Mod world is on an Earth-like planet because the action clearly indicates earth like gravity, hence most probably one in of a similar size and orbit and rotation to Earth (though in a fantasy perhaps anything goes.)
  6. One thing I would like to see in Dark Mod is a calendar system so logs, diaries, other references, can refer to meaningful dates in a consistent way. I don't know of any such for Thief 2 so in my FM I just used numbers eg, 233/25 and made my numbers consistent as I could throughout. I did invent the odd month name. But if month and day names are invented then thought as to year length, months in a year, etc etc and this also brings up how many hours in a day what sort of clock. I have no preference but it would be nice to have a reference. Springheel: To what extent is the Dark Mod universe defined in the resources: textures, objects, AI, provided as compared to the 'official map/story campaign'? As I recall it was said the materials would be made available first and the official map (what is the right term for that!) later. So will mission developers have enough to work with as far as sticking to a central theme to begin with? Will the player character and the Dark Mod Universe be defined in the materials provided at the start, in an info file as well as by the resources?
  7. Sounds good and the flexibility should make any degree of difficulty possible I guess. About my point of the player getting anything new to compensate, it's hard to think of anything, even for fun, to add to Thief's current tools. One idea I was wondering was a diversion similar to a noise arrow or thrown object - but which would reassure the AI when they saw it. In the movies its always the stray cat right? Can't see Garrett carrying a spare cat around - nor even a dehydrated cat potion - hey! instant cat! but it might be nice to think of some harmless object he could throw with a kind of anti or negative suspicious property. Maybe even anti-suspicion sedative gas grenade or arrow? No, I'm not trying to give you guys more work, just playing with ideas. My vote is you do the reasonable minimum from now on to get the show on the road. Just hope you retain interest to do a TDM2 a few years later!
  8. Looking at the latest Jan 3 update about AI smartness and recalling previous info I am thinking level developers are going to have to be more generous in favour of the player to compensate. Is it going to be just too tough and/or frustrating to continue once the AI in an area have 'compared notes', are in extended alert mode, using smart searching, hurling bottles as well as insults at the player? I look forward to seeing these new situations but just wondered what game testing has been done yet to evaluate what it will be like with ALL the improvements working together. It seems to me that players are going to have to develop new game strategies to cope with these AI. Ghosting might be the only option - and possibly extreme ghosting: closing, even relocking, doors behind you, closing containers, etc. I like ghosting but will the novice be able to cope? Mission developers are going to have to be extra smart themselves to produce the different difficulty levels to suit different skills. What extras might the player get to handle this new breed of AI? They get the same basic weapons and tools as T1/2 so is it just down to the player developing new skills and strategies? One things for sure: it will be fascinating finding out.
  9. That sounds ideal to me Springheel. Will the level editor be able to disable or timeout that default on-going special alert state? Depending on the mission I'd be interested to see how it would be with a timeout after say 15 minutes. (actually I think one can tinker the alert time in T2 anyway per individual AI.) The player would have to either quickload or else divert to some other avenue/task and come back much later when they've cooled off. I see a re-arrangement of the guards, some extra guards brought in, higher alert, one or two keeping running round in a panic, but just like real people they eventually over time start to relax the alert but keep the extra sentries and patrols etc. Some players might actually deliberately trigger this for an extra challenge - especially on a replay. Mind you, my idea raises the problem of a second major alert! What then. Dunno unless you can detect its a second major alert and make this permanent. Can't keep bringing in more and more guards can we? Hehe!
  10. Crispy: I'm with Komag on this. You say "Forcing a playstyle on a player is generally a bad thing." My view is that forcing a writing style on a level editor is wrong. He/she should be free to write absolutely any kind of game they wish so long as they make it clear in the readme so the player can choose whether to play it. To have a constraint, pressure, or bias applied to any creative art is wrong in my opinion. I generally like semi-ghosting but the notion that nobody should write an all-out combat mission without being criticised (for play style alone) is repugnant to me. "I don't like xxx because it is not Thief-like" is fair comment; "xxx has no right to be so unThief-like" is not. Yes, a mission can be annoying; I've abandoned many a one with a curse - but I defend the freedom of the mission author to produce the level THEY want and not just write for the majority.
  11. TWO updates in one month? Nice going. Good to hear about the improved leaning - something I value especially after the disappointment of the phony TDS substitute. Will the light gem be affected by leaning out into a bright area? Sometimes is in T2, sometimes not - don't know the 'rules' there, remind me somebody. And the AI throwing stuff at an out of reach player - much better than just fist shaking. Will this rely on bottles and stones that happen to be lying around or will AI carry stuff. Will their accuracy be changeable by level editors? Seems if they have this ability that presumably you have some AI planned to throw some kind of weapon like a dagger? And AI searching just gets better and better.
  12. Yes, go for it. If you produce some 3D models they are unlikely to be wasted as even if not suitable for the official resources the community will always be hungry for new objects to put in their levels eventually.
  13. Good point. Now you draw my attention to it I guess I just jumped for the robotic stereotype when I made the voice. I was happy in my ignorance but now I'm even wondering whether to keep the damn thing in my own mission. But then, even though it may not fit the pure Thief 2 world, and therefore the Dark Mod 'world' which is based on it, both T2 and TDM can be (and with T2 are) used to build all kinds of fan missions that deviate from the norm. Again, one can argue, what place do robots or even electrics have in a medieval/Victorian setting? It's a fantasy. So although not suitable for the main missions or 'pure' fan missions, it will still be acceptable to many to deviate from the standard setting in their own FMs. Be a shame if it were not so. So I'll probably keep it in mine. Certainly, the robot itself adds interest to the gameplay and a Karras-robot type voice made less sense with this humanoid robot to me. I'd prefer no voice to a Karras-type. Mmmm... not too late to make a non-robot difficulty level I guess to stop purist's groaning...
  14. Fair enough. Be interesting to hear what the Dark Mod robots will sound like. Thinking back, guess the Karras ones were meant to be sequences of mechanical recordings of a human voice.
  15. OK. No won't feel insulted if they are not suitable. I made them for my own mission and this was just an afterthought. Incidentally, even if not used by the team, they will be made freely available anyway so anyone else can use them in anything whether it be a Dark Mod map or Thief 1,2, or 3. Here is are 5 samples anyway.... OK ... NOTHING ... NOT RIGHT ... LOST CONTACT ... STRANGE
  16. Think that is Stallone actually. Anyway, just to repeat... pm sample links or public?
  17. Just make me a temporary honory member of the team (robot voice division) and no rules need be bent!
  18. NH: Do you want me to PM you with links to a sample of the wavs or post them here publicly? The voice files were created using an old quick and dirty text to speech generator but this was ideal because it makes no pretence of being human but gives really robotic-sounding monotones. Extra robot statements can be made if necessary to meet any additional requirements of Dark Mod or even custom ones for specific missions being planned. I have produced only a single voice (with almost 100 wav statments) but there is some provision for adjusting the pitch, etc so another slightly different robot voice might also be produced in the same style but I have no plans for this myself. I'm using it with the one humanoid robot in the Thief 2 Dedex gamesys.
  19. That's OK. I'll make them available soon.
  20. Just completed new non-Karras, generic robot voice files and schema for my Thief 2 mission and it occurred to me it might be of use with Dark Mod Development. Are robots still going to be included in TDM? I'll post a few more details if so, maybe even post a sample.
  21. Great work Gildoran. Like the real game time reading without pausing. Looks flawless. Will all readables be take-away or some nailed down so have to be read in situ? Any thoughts on T2X type books which open at first frob then are readable. One advantage is you can see at a glance if you've already read them. Though I thought T2X had too much unnecessary reading so that was probably a good thing!
  22. Some years ago I planned out an almost totally robot story line, led by humanoid bots, but shelved it as too ambitious for a first T2 mission. Kinda reversal of the T2 story with a few twists. Probably not original now but might look at that again when I see what bots are available in TDM. Stories don't HAVE to be original to be worthwhile so I expect I'll first try a simple, short mansion heist first. Trouble is, as ideas flow it could develop into something more like my present project. Currently racing to finish a T2 3-mission campaign this year while also dabbling with the Doom editor to get the feel of it. I hate empty rooms and corridors where nothing much happens except to pass through so I try to pack in lots of interest everywhere the player goes. I'm especially interested to see how much one can get in a scene in TDM without worrying about frame lag. A very small mission (terrain-wise) choked with stuff at every turn might be a target.
  23. And it somewhat spoils some textures too in T2X. Nothing like washed out flat ambient light to make textures look like stone wallpaper. Pity as the scenery is beautiful. I did manage to tweak my gamma in the config and get max contrast on my monitor to make it look half-reasonable but hard to tell what corner to hide in. One of the first things I look for when entering a new location is somewhere to duck in case of emergency.
  24. Fidcal


    That kind of explains for me why those cats were placed where they were. Level developers probably were told the animations would be improved later otherwise they might only have used them say walking in a straight line on top of a distant wall with the moon behind them. At least I like to think so. Might have been acceptable and hid their woodenness. No cats is better than wooden cats.
  25. Yes, this is mostly a matter of level design even in T1 and T2 but especially in TDM if it is to be not central character dependent. Seems to me that the minimum things needed to change from man to woman player are the mantling grunts/death shouts etc, and a girly weapon arm/limb model, etc. Perhaps the main character could be given unisex hands etc, not big and hairy, so could be taken either way. The rest is storyline apart from special thought speech such as 'must be a way up there...' though I think these are mostly regarded as training aids and not popular with everyone. Or have I missed out anything? I'm looking forward to a diverse range of storylines and characters in TDM missions! Maybe you should not emphasise the character you put in the TDM campaign so he's(she's) more bland and forgettable (the man with no name) (Ah! I see your smilies work for me in Opera 6; they don't at ttlg)
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